Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 1, Day 1

David R. McNamara Entered the Missionary Training Center (MTC) Nov. 28, 2012.

Mexico, Tampico Mission
Dropping off David at the MTC were his parents:
Mother: Susan (McFerson) Smith,
Brother: Michael McNamara
Girlfriend: Katie Christensen
Future In-Laws (?):
Barry & Wendi Christensen
Unable to be present, were David's other siblings, older brother, Brandon, and younger sister, Julianne.   They had to say good-bye on the phone.   Their hearts were with him very much.  

David is going to Mexico, Tampico Mission after first spending 8 weeks in the MTC to learn the missionary lessons and Spanish.  He will also have to learn some cultural do's and don'ts, as well as how to best be an ambassador of the Lord, and represent the Church.

Here a "host" missionary escorts David into the MTC after he is dropped off.  He will soon meet his MTC companion and district.   The first day will probably be the most challenging regarding separation anxiety. 
David was obviously sad to say good-bye to his loved ones, especially Katie, but at the same time very excited about what was to come. 

David met Katie at Alta High School, in Sandy, UT.  Katie is a senior there now, and plans to attend Snow College next year.   
They met in the last semester of his senior year at Alta, and got very attached.   He was "adopted" by Katie's lovely family.
David was set apart as a missionary the night before with his parents and Katie and her parents present.   Afterwards, they strolled around Temple Square, viewing the Christmas lights.

Besides missing everyone, his biggest concern was the challenge of learning the lessons in Spanish. 

Everyone was pretty sad to say good-bye to David, but very, very proud of this young man.
David with father, Ladd McNamara, M.D.
Ladd served his mission in Korea, Pusan Mission (1978 - 1980)
Ladd lives in Carlsbad, CA.

David with father, Ladd, and mother, Susan Smith.
Susan lives in Orange County, CA. with her husband Brad Smith, along with her (and Ladd's) daughter, Julianne McNamara.

David with Katie, and Wendi and Barry Christensen
from Sandy, UT
The Christensens already feel like family to David, as well as to Ladd and Susan.
Wendi has become a "second mother" to David, and Barry helped out David a lot during his final few months before entering the MTC.  They all became very fond of David.

David with oldest brother, Michael McNamara.
Michael served his mission in the Washington, Everett Mission.
Michael currently resides in Oceanside, CA., along with brother, Brandon McNamara.

If you wish to send David a letter, here is his address:

Elder David McNamara
MTC Mailbox #105
Mex-Tamp 0128
2005 N  1900 E
Provo, UT  84604