Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 25: Six Months Down .... 18 to Go!

Hey family!!

This week was just alright. Some days were pretty hard. Well we did what we always do as missionaries. That is preach the gospel!! haha Its starting to get really hot here. More than it has. Like in the nights I just lay there and my whole body is drenched in sweat and i cant really sleep because its so hot. SO i havent really slept that much this week. I just sweat all day haha like in the morning when i'm sitting on the toliet with sweat dripping from my face and from my thighs haha hope you guys can imagine that!

So here there is a colony of menonights or however you spell it. And every tuesday the come into town and they just stare at everyone and especially at me! Its kinda creepy haha but one day this week my companion and i were walking accross the bridge and we stopped to throw rocks over into the rio. Its fun haha because the bridge is really high! 

Well anyways while we were doing that a guy came out of nowhere and was staring at me and then finally i shook his hand and he asked me if i was a menonite.. i told him no im a missionary for the church of jesus christ. But then he said no your a menonite, you have the same type of hair and eyes and your face looks like a menonite. I kept trying to tell him i wasnt and my comp kept saying it to but he just didnt understand i guess haha well we set up a cita with him and we visited him and his family yesterday! haha

We figured out that him an his wife and his 2 kids have listen to the missionaries before but it has been like 5 years ago. They said they were listing to the missionaries but then all of the sudden they stopped coming. My comp. said that the mission closed this area for 2 or 3 years for some reasons but opened back up 2 years ago. SO we are going to visit them later this week. But yesterday while we were going to vist that family we couldnt find the house because they were no numbers so we past this women sitting outside here house. 

Then i thought we should ask her if she knew the man or where he lived. So i asked here and she knew him then we were about to leave then i thought that i should ask her, her name so i did. So she tells us then tells us that she is the mom and grandma to some members here in our branch! And she never has listened to the missionaries before so i give her a pamphlet of lesson 1 and explain it a little bit then we left. Then we were walking back and we saw her reading the pamphlet! It was so cool haha that was my first contacted that i did!

Here in Mexico we arent really allowed to contact like from door to door or in the street. But if we feel like we should to talk to someone or knock on a certain door we can.

Friday we did divisiones. It was the worst day ever! My spanish just like disappeared or i dont know where it went. My teaching sucked and that made me in a bad mood. Then when that happened i started missing home. So that day pretty much sucked. But im doing better today!

Yesterday at Church i spoke in front of everyone..in another language!. There was about 25 members there with about 5 men haha a lot of people huh? I was kinda nervous but it was good. I worte a few things on a piece of paper and went off from there. I talked about the Atonement and how we can find comfort, peace, happiness and forgivenness through christ and his atonement. Then i started talking about how we need to show that we are grateful for the atonement by doing what he asks and just doing what good ALL the time. I talked for about 20 minutes! Cool right! haha just remember i did all that in SPANISH! Thats so cool that i can speak another language. Thanks to the spirit and gift of tongues! I have a strong testimonio of the gift of tongues and how real it is!

Here in Soto there are 4 missionaries and we pretty much are together a lot of the time. Well on p days and sundays. and us 4 eat at the same house. Its pretty cool. BUt there is like nothing to do here on p days. A small town with pretty much nothing. But i like it a lot. To be honest i dont konw why haha 

This morning my companion closed the bathroom door and it locked so we couldnt get in. So we tried to pick the lock then we tried to push in the thing that points out the goes into the frame( i dont know what thats called) We used the kitchen knifes that we have, which are pretty crappy. Then we finally decied to take the door off the hinges. We used a 5 pound wieght that my companion has and a scripture marking pencil to tried to take off the hinges. Didnt work....I broke the pencil with the first hit or pound of the wieght. Then i firgured out that the pocket knife thing that i have as a wierd tool that all it is a small metal stick thing. I always wondered what the crap i could use that tool for.. and i guess for taking a door off its hinges haha So we spent about 20 mintutes on that stupid door. But dont worry we got it!

Well my camera is still broken. The member is going to the capital (victoria) today to see if they have a part to fix it. So hopefully its there. So i dont have any pictures!! Sorry. I love you guys!


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Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 24: Greater Love Hath No Man .....

¿Que andan?

what up family and girlfriend and friends:) This week was pretty awesome!  Im really loving this little town here in the middle of no where. Because we dont need to walk as much and the members here are really cool. So here we have 6 investigators and some less actives. Here its a little tiny branch with about 25 people that go each sunday. I met some of the less actives and members here and its so much better to be able to communicate with them in the begining, unlike in monte alto where everyone would talk to my comp because i couldnt understand them. 

I've made some good relationships with the kids and parents here! I have surprised myself with my spanish. I can understand about everything except some words that i havent heard before and i can speak! haha gracias a dios! and the spirit! Im loving it here a lot. My comp is from Ciudad de Mexico. He speaks a lot faster than my last comp from urugauy. But i have gotten used to it. He is a little lazy with some of the rules and certain things. 

So on like wednesday we ate with the president of the branch and his wife is in texas with her mom taking care of her. And guess what? All of his family lives in the US, like his brothers and sisters and stuff. He said he is going to move there next year.  He was talking with me about texas and his family pretty much the time haha in spanish..he doesnt know english. He is a really cool guy! Oh and his sister lives in Sandy!! haha He called her last night and i talk to his sister that lives in sandy! She speaks like perfect englsih. and her 2 daughters went to jordan high school! It was pretty cool to talk to her. She was nice. 

But anyways at the comida with the president after he was talking to me about one of his sons.. and he was using words like el vivia and hacia eso y eso y eso..and stuff like that and i didnt really catch onto the spanish part. so i asked where is your son? Is he on the mission? then he said No elder, he is dead. I felt so bad and then he showed me a painting of jesus where he is knocking on the door and there was a newspaper article in the picture frame and he told me to read it.... The headline said Sacrificio y un hero. which mean a sacrifrice and hereo. 

The story was sad but cool in a way. So 2 years ago his son and some of his friends after school went to the river that is here. And they were all hanging out then some kids decided to go swiming. a few guys and 2 girls. but his sons didnt because he knew it was dangerous and the current is pretty strong. But after a few minutes the guys came back in but the 2 girls did not. BUt his son noticed that they both were struggling, trying to swim in. So with out thinking he jumped in the river and got the closes girl first and brought her in and went out for the second girl...but they both couldnt make it back in. They both drowned in the river... 

The story went on explaining it more. But it said that no man has more love for his friends that gives his life for them. (thats in the bible somewhere ...John 15:13 Greater alove hath no man than this, that a man lay down hisblife for his cfriends.)  I didnt know what to say after i finished reading it. But i turn to the president and asked him when that happened. He told me 2 years ago on the 27 of may. Then i told him im sorry and i couldnt even imagine how he feels..he was looking at the ground the whole time until he looked up at me and said.. I miss him so much elder..and he started crying. 

The other elders where out side. then he moves over to the couch and sits down then i go and sit next to him and put my arm around him for a little side hug thing. Then he starts telling me the story again and says how much he misses him and how he is grateful for his other 2 sons but the son that died was special and was the best and was always happy and always helping everyone around him. Holy cow i did not know what to say at all. I was on the verge of crying, trying my hardest not to! But then i thought about sharing that one scripture that the elder in  the MTC shared with me in John 14:18.  (I will not leave you acomfortless: I will bcome to you.)  

So he reads it and feels a little better. After a bit we left! It was a sad but cool experience for me. I was praying while i was listening to him to know what i could say to help him and i recieved an answer to share that scripture! A learning experience for me. 

Friday my comp went to Tampico for a meeting for the liders of the mission. So i traveled with him to the city of Victoria and i stayed there with another elder! That city is freaking sweet! There are mountains that look pretty similiar to the utah mountains! It made me miss good ol utah! So i was there until sunday afternoon! We were supposed to return here on saturday but nope! and i forgot to bring more garments! so i wore the same garment for 3 days! haha pretty gross huh? Yeah  i know! BUt we taught some people (duh im on a mission) and walked a ton. Its so hilly there. 

We where in a area called Lomas.. which means Hills haha so a lot of walking up giant hills! I wished i could take pictures but my carmera is being fixed by a member here! Oh yeah i forgot to tell you guys another cool thing that happened...so on saturday in Victoria we were looking for some old investigators and i looked behind us for some reason for a second and i saw the police truck that has the turrent on top with 5 other guys with weapons pointed out. 

So then i look back again and kinda stare for 2 or 3 seconds because i thought it was cool. I guess thats a bad sign because they stopped, reversed, and went down the street we were walking and "pulled" us over. They got out and 5 guys surrounded us and asked what we were doing.  My comp said we are missionaries just looking for people to teach. Then they want to search our back packs and i tell them "solo tengo biblias en mi mochila" but they stilled wanted to look. 

Then they told me to open the smaller pocket in the front and i had that pocket knife thing that katie and her family gave me.. and he asked why do you have that. I didnt say anything just said "no se" I dont know. Then they said okay and left...

After my comp asked me why do you have that!!! They could have taken both of us to jail for you having that!.. but then he laughed after and said how lucky i am. So i guess im not allowed to have a pocket knife here in the streets haha I was pretty nervous the whole time! haha it was pretty funny after!!!

Well family thanks for your email! Mom and Dad! and Kaite! Julie im glad you got my letter! I love you Mom, Dad, Michael, Brandon, and Julie! and Katie and her family! Welp till next week,,,,

Love, Elder McNamara
Any questions??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 23.5: Just Photos from First Area in Mexico

David sent these photos to Katie.  He is in his new area, and these are all from his first area in Mexico.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week 23: Skyping Family and Transfer within LDS Mission

Hey family!!

Well im in a new area! Im in a small little town, 5 hours away from my last area. Yesterday i was on a bus all day. It was a way long trip. 

Im sure  going to miss my old compa Elder G.  He was an awesome compa and trainer. I gave him some of my p day clothes because i had to much and i also gave him that shoulder bag because i didnt want it and i like back packs a lot better! 

So my new compa  is Elder R, he´s mexican and he speaks really REALLY fast haha I can understand him most of the time. This new area so far is pretty cool. I havent really done anything yet here so next week ill tell you guys all about it!

Skyping with you guys was so awesome. I forgot how wierd you all are! I love it! And i forgot how wierd i am haha i finally got to be able to be my complete wierd self with you all. I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

After i talked with you guys i was having a hard time. I´ll be honest i wanted to go home and be with you all. 

I was being quiet and elder gonzalez noticed and he gave me a side hug thing and said this time goes by so fast, take advantage of it. The way to make the time go by fast is by working hard and trying to help everyone come closer to christ. That helped me alot.

Well our house here is pretty small and doesnt have AC and a lot crappier than my other house.   Oh and this area in the mission is the 2nd hottest part in the mission! IM GOING TO DIE OF HEAT haha wish me luck. 

I love you guys so much!
Elder McNamara

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Mexico LDS Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Katie on Skype with David and all members of David's Family for Mother's Day Call.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 22: Playing at La Playa on P-Day in Mexico

Que Tal!

Well this week went pretty fast and kinda slow at the same time. I guess thats how the mission is! Well today we went to the Beach!! It was so fun. We went swimming and surfing and played some soccer and football in the waves....nahhh just kidding we cant do any of that haha. 

This morning we woke up at 6 and left for the beach at 6:45. We had 6 elders there. We took 3 Taxis a we shoved as many people in each taxi. we had 6 in one taxi...the taxis are only meant to have 4 haha it was so uncomfortable but fun. 

Then we got the the beach and one of the elders is from paraguay and it was his first time going to the beach and he was so excited and trying to say stuff in english it was funny. The place where we went has like umbrellas and chairs already set up so we all go and put our stuff there and we all just changed our clothes right there next to the water with people walking by and stuff haha dont know if we are allowed to do that.... 

but then i decided i wanted to do a backflip because i havent done it in awhile. SO i go and do it and almost land on my head...nooo i actually landed it perfect. Still got it baby... then we played volleyball in the professional court that was on the beach it was so sweet! We played for like 2 hours. It was way fun.

But being there on the beach and playing some beach volleyball made me miss home! I had fun but i missed being with you guys going to the beach and just laying there on the sand doing nothing. Thats cool that you guys went to the beach too! Julie, Brandon, and michael you all are looking good! I miss you guys a ton. i really do.. Then after that we came back and i slept until now haha

This past tuesday we went to wisit this women who was baptized 2 years ago and her husband isnt a member. but we are working on him. But tuesday we went with a member and her husband wasnt there. So we just start talking all normal and stuff then all of the sudden she says..we are getting a divorce.. with tears in her eyes and she just starts bawling.. its all silent and i just couldn´t believed what happened. It was so hard for me to not cry because she was sitting there telling us the story, crying and looking into my comp and i´s eyes. It was so sad and i could see the pain in she was in.. 

I feel so bad the women here! They do so much and the guys treat them like crap. There are good husbands here but it just seems like we see the crap ones. While i was sitting there listening to her i was thinking..What makes a perfect marriage? Because i deffinately want a perfect marriage and a happy marriage! So that my question for all of you. What do you think makes a perfect marriage?

Sorry about the sad story. Besides that our week was pretty good. We seem to teach the same people and visit the same people over and over. SO we are trying to find new people. Our only ¨good¨investigator is Hermana Nora. the women with the son on the mission. She has CHANGED a ton! She has been to church 7 times and hasnt missed since conference. 

Our last cita we had with her she told us that she knows that these things are true but she doesnt want to get baptized yet because she has a lot of bad habits to change. She said if she is going to do this mormon thing she wants to do it 100 percent. She will get baptized maybe not on the date we have set for her but she will sometime soon!

Food....I dont know if any of you have prayed for me to eat more or something along those lines. But on Monday we had pizza, Tuesday for the comida we had pizza, wednesday..pizza, thursday til sunday we had normal mexican food here. But pizza 3 days straight is unheard of here haha it was so awesome. BUt those days my poop wasn´t normal, it hurt coming out! haha i think ¨normal¨ food that i ate in america my body isnt used to! 

Im loving the food here now and i love the hot food too. Jalepinos and other peppers are good. I want to try a Habenero pepper. Hopefully this week. I might die but its all good. 

Oh then another coool thing that happend this week was saturday night we left a cita at 9 and we were on the other side of our area then all of the sudden a convy came out of nowhere and we stopped him and said how much to (where we live) and he said free for you guys! Then on the way to our house the other people that were in there got out on the stops and then there wasnt anybody. SO the conveys they drive a certain route and dont go off from that. But the driver asked us where we lived and dropped us off right in front of our house!! That never happens! He told us that he always sees us walking in the street everyday haha it was funny.

So about mothers day...I GET TO SKYPE!! and I will be skyping you guys on Friday at 12 here so 11 in utah and 10 in california. Because mothers day here in on the 10th. SO you guys need to check out skype and figure everything out to make sure it works and could you dad go to moms house to skype with them? So katie can also skyp with all of us. Because you can do a 3 way skype. Please check into the 3 way skype thing so we can all do it friday!

(More pictures below)

Well i love you all! Talk to you all friday!