Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week 9: David Doing Overtime in MTC

Hey family and loved ones :)

Well im here for another week! Everyone in my district got reassigned besides my companion and I! 2 of them are going to Texas and the other one is going to Salt Lake City South! haha  he's from Pleasant Grove so thats kinda funny.  I'm stuck in this place!  GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!

I have loved this place for the first 8 weeks but now im just so ready to leave. I have learned a lot about the gospel and spanish but theres only so much you can learn. Its getting so hard to focus really well because we dont really have a schedule..our schedule ended LAST WEEK!

SO yesterday when we went into the travel office to see what was up. We asked if they had reassingments in and they said yes! SO we all were like where we going! She asked what missions so the other kids in my district said herromosillo then there going to texas...then i said Tampico! Then her face went blank. She said i forgot to put in the tampico mission for reassignment..i thought she was joking. I was like are you serious or joking..then she said I forgot to put that mission in im sorry i'll put it in next week. I was SO mad. I just walked out of that office and I didn't know what I was feeling. I wanted to cry but then again I wanted to punch someone! haha Well anyways im still here can't do anything about it.

so on saturday we we're teaching our "investigator" and we had to ask him the baptism interviews before he really got interviewed. So we asked him the questions and it got to the question about if you have ever comitted a crime. He said yes then went on saying something that we couldn't understand.

So then we tried to ask him if the police we're looking for him in california but all three of us didn't know how to say police in spanish! haha so after a minute of not knowing how to say it in spanish. me being wierd, I put up my finger and twirled it in the air making a siren noise haha i did that and said ..." estan buscando por usted?" ("are they looking for you?")  We all just laughed it was funny.

On sunday I saw one of my good friends! It was so nice! I was going to lunch and then I see him in the halls. It was Nick Gagon. My teammate on the 4x1 who pulled his hamstring but still got the baton in my hand!

We saw each other and just gave each other the biggest hug! it was so nice seeing him and talking to him, He's going to Mexico City. His mission is right next to mine! Uhm.. i dont know what else is really going on the same old everyday.

Mom have fun in Mexico! haha I should be there but nope. You'll come home and Ill still be here in the MTC. Hopefully you can find a job soon! I'll be praying for you.

Dad hows USANA going? Sounded like you have a lot of stuff coming up! I'll get to call you tonight. mom can I call you? Or not because your in mexico? I dont know.

Michael and Brandon and Julie. I love you all so much and miss you guys like crazy!
Then who ever else is reading this I love you too! haha

Welp till next time....ELder McNamara

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Week 8 Complete: Letter from David

Dear family and friends!,

Well i got to talk to you yesterday mom! and Julie. That was so nice to hear your guys voice and just listen to you. I thought i was going to be fine and not cry. But when julie said i miss you david! I was going to say it back but then i started cry like crazy! haha it was wierd. I really do miss you julie! and all you guys!

Dad I tried to call you 2 times after I called mom but you didn't pick up! the stupid pay phone took my money too! But then I called Katie after that and talked to her for 4 minutes. It was so nice to hear her voice once again. I can't wait to call all you guys at the airport!

Well about when im leaving for sure....I still don't know. Yesterday we went into the travel office to see whats up with us leaving when..and they said "oh we haven't put you in for re assignment yet"

I was about to flip out! I got so mad haha i mean really?  If they know we aren't getting our visas why wouldn't they put us in for re assignment.  I don;t know they're stupid.  But then they gave us a pass that allowed us to call home for just 5 minutes and since my parents are divorced, got to get 2 passes to call them both for 5 minutes! So that calmed me down after they gave me those haha

So I'm going to be here for another week. I'll get re assigned next week on wednesday or thursday! It will be really awesome to get the opportunity to serve in 2 different missions!  See what it is like in the US and then go to Mexico.

Maybe that was supposed to happen because there is someone in the US that needs me to teach them and Im the only one that can help them!  Its so cool to think about that. That I AM the only person that can help them and the person thats supposed to help them. Thats a lot of responsibility on my shoulders it crazy. But I can handle it with the Lords help.

Not much has really changed in my schedule, same thing each day. On tuesday my comp. got to say the prayer at the devotional so I got to sit up on the stand that night. It was really neat to see all the missionaries out in the crowd! And that night the speaker...David Evans from the 70... asked to have the missionaries that put their papers in because and after the announcement of Thomas S. Monson,  Half the missionaries stood up! That 1500 people.  It was pretty crazy and half of those missionaries were sister! They are starting to overrun this place!

I got to host again yesterday. It was like last week. It was a lot easier because I knew where to look and not to look haha but the guy that kinda "trains" us told us that we were getting 700 missionaries yesterday and that 400 of them were sisters.. crazy. Last year they only got 400 a week this time last year. So the work is deffinately growing really fast.

Dad i didn't get a chance to write you a hand written letter this past week. Im sorry! I dont have that much free time to write! I sounds like you had a good week last week!  You and brandon better win that wieght loss comp. You guys can do it! haha I love you dad.

Brandon, your car doesn;t look better than mine! Well probably does now... haha but the thing that I miss most about home besides katie, is watching movies with you and michael.

It was fun just watching and relaxing and making fun of some movies and eating popcorn out of that salad bowl all the time haha I also miss sleeping in until even 8 or 9!  I wake up at 6;30 everyday. Im used to it now. Been doing it for 2 months now! It crazy to think about it that I've been out for 2 months! I got 22 more to go

A cool quote that the speaker on tuesday shared with us was this..."Some blessings come sooner, Some blessings come later, But blessing ALWAYS come if we are faithful." it was from Holland some time. He talked a lot about having faith and being obedient. And that miracles only stop because faith stops. So EVERYONE keep your faith strong always and you WILL see miracles in you life.

Some miracles are small and you won't notice them and others are bigger. Just always work on your faith in any way always trying to grow it. Because in life nothing can stay the same. You are either progressing or digressing, you can't stay at a state of constant. you are always getting older each day and life moves on.

You have opportunities to either progress or digress in life. Always discern the way to progress and become a better and stronger person in your life. And when hard times come it because god wants to test us and He knows we can get through them. Because we don't recieve a witness after the trial of our faith. and also in ether 12;27 God gives us weaknesses to make us humble and if we turn to Him he will make those weaknesses to become strong.

I dont really know why i just shared that but I felt like i should. Thank you everyone for your letters I really do appreciate them all! sorry my emails are a little boring and sound the same each week. Once i get into the field my emails we be better cause I'll actually have something to write about and some cool stories and experiences!

I love you all.  I'll get to call home next week when I get my reassignment so be expecting a call from me on wednesday or thursday.  Dad pick up! haha  it says unknown but thats probably me!

Love you all

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Week 7 Complete: Letter from David

Dear Family and Friends,

Welp! These past couple of days have been pretty awesome and interesting!

On Sunday we got new zone leaders, which was 2 elders in my district. Then a new district leader in my district, my comp. Then I was made Senior companion. Nothing special but cool I guess.

Then on Tuesday was really awesome!! So we have devotionals every tuesday and for some reason my comps and I wanted to go do choir for the devotional. So we got in and practiced with everyone and stuff. And we did it becuase we knew someone big was coming to speak. During choir practice the were setting up the chairs and stuff and this guy went around the chairs with a mirrior and was checking underneath each one making sure there wasn't a bomb! So I was thinking the prophet was coming or something.  And the MTC presidency were all changing so we got a new presidency and 3 new buildings had to be dedicated.

So we go back in the GYM, where they have devotionals, and are waiting until the speaker comes out. And guess who it was?.......Elder Jeffery R. Holland!!!!!.  I was so excited haha So his talk was so good! He was yelling at us pretty much and it was awesome! haha

Its cool, he could just focus his talk on us missionaries instead of everyone in the church. He was talking about his mission and how he still cherishes his mission to this day. And that he is jealous of us that we get to be on our missions in January 2013 and how its just the most exciting time to be a missionary. More exciting than any other time in History of the World.

Then he went on talking about Preach My Gospel and how it came about. But before he starting talking about that he stop. Looked at all of us and Pointed and commanded us that we better come home with one convert. AND IT BETTER BE YOU! he yelled that at us.

He remembered when president Hinckley was the prophet and they were in a meeting and President Hinckely asked all the aposotles, Why are there missionaries that come home and become in active? Why is that happening?  Holland started crying and said "how can you teach about all of this, baptize people, and see all the changes in peoples lives and how the gospel blesses them and come home and become in active?"

Then he said "I don't care about anything, the background story, what happened in your life, in your mission, I dont care about the situation, But how can you possible say Im done with this! after 24 months of this?!" Then he said that why they came up with Preach My Gospel. It is meant to convert the missionary and then the missionary convert the investigator.

And then He said the turning point in his life was when he got his call. His mission has helped him all through his life and he still looks back at all the moments in his mission. The mission is the greatest thing in the world! Then he dedicated 3 buildings. So he gave the dedicatory prayer.

I have never felt the spirit so strong in a prayer before! IT was so cool. In the prayer he said that let the very angels from heaven guard the doors and windows from any evil thing in the world. That there will be NO violence and harm come to the missionaries. It was so cool! It made me cry haha.

Then he said that everyone loves the missionaries. And at every alter in the temples they're all praying for the missionaries! that made me feel better!

Then yesterday I got to Host the new missionaries! The first missionary I hosted was this 19 year old sister from Georgia. She was cool. Well I didn't really host her I just took her bags all the way to the main building then another sister missionary took her from there. But being a Host was kinda hard. Because I got to see everyone drop of their son or daughter and say goodbye for 2 years. I was trying so hard not to cry!

This one Elder I host was from Idaho. His mom, dad, brother, and 2 sisters came down with him to drop him off. They got out and I greeted them and got his suitcases and stuff. Then they said goodbye. The mom just started bawling. I was just standing in the back watching all of this happen. I was so heart broken! Then the dad started bawling and the sisters starting cry along with the Elder. I just had to look away so I wouldn't cry.

Then the dad look at me while crying and said "is it supposed to be this hard?" And i said "He's doing the right thing, serving the Lord." I started crying but I was hiding it. Oh my gosh it killed me! Then I took the elder around, showed him his room and class and stuff. I liked hosting besides the part of watching everyone say goodbye! Seeing all the mom just bawl killed me! Oh man. I dont want to do that again. haha

Im glad Katie sent you guys my pictures! Isn't she the best! Yeah she is!

The word for lets go is vamos. Oh and I should get my travel plans tomorrow. But I probably wont go to mexico right away. Because I dont have my visa and I haven't even been to the consolate, The guy you talked to and sign this paper to get your visa, so I'll probably get re assigned somewhere.

Some elder in my zone got re assigned to Nashville and another to Salt Lake City South. Uhm yeah if I get re assigned to somewhere in Utah for a month. Im going to die to be that close to Kaite! But hopefully I will get re assigned to somewhere cool! haha

Thanks everyone for all your letters I love you all so much!
Til next time, Nos Vemos!

ps. mom.. Kaite's birthday is Feb. 19. I dont know my wells fargo username and password. I never knew it! And I work out by doing push up and sit ups every night and just play vollleyball at gym or basketball!
I love you!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week 6 Complete: Letter from David

Hola Familia!

Hoy es la dia que marks el dieziocho dia hasta yo salgo el CCM.  I want to leave already! haha   Just 18 more days and they're going to fly by.

Oh and Heches la gannas (not sure if thats how you spell it) but that is slang in Mexico, it means like "you can do it".  And Pedo means fart. if you wanted to know anyone.

This week was good. Nothing really that has been different. We switched classrooms last friday then we switched classrooms again 2 days ago! This is the 4th classroom I had have here! It because our first class was made into sister missionary dorm rooms then our other one was going to be for all the new english speaking missionaries then the kicked us out of our new old room because it was a big room.

We only have 5 in our district! Its pretty awesome. We're the only ones in the MTC with 5 in a distrito. Our zone got a new distrito yesterday. Finally after 6 weeks of being here we're not the "youngest" haha I know its bad to compare yourself to other missionaries but seeing the new distrcto and how their doing with spanish makes me realize how far I have actually come!

Its amazing how far I have come in spanish and the gosepl these past 6 weeks! Oh and there are SOOO many more missionaries here! The new 18 year old Elders and 19 year old sisters started coming yesterday! Its so packed! The cafeteria is always crowed now it kinda sucks. And the sisters are starting to grow in numbers to reach the Elders! Its insane.

And our new district is only going to be here for 6 weeks. They're lucky! If that was me I would be in Mexico now. But then again I dont think I know enough, so im glad im here for 9 weeks. But then again I wont know enough when I get there!

Our teacher was telling us, He went to Tijuana on his mission, He said that he had 1 white comp. all his mission and he barely saw another white missionary. If I get a mexican trainer when I first get there I might die....I won't really be able to comunicate with him haha but i guess I would learn spanish a whole lot faster!

Sorry this email isn't like my other ones! I don't really have anything to say because to be honest, i can't tell the days apart! They all blend together and it feels like I was just barely at this computer writing you guys last week! Time really does fly by pretty fast. In high school it seemed like time went by slow but now Im on my mission and I cant remember what happened each day. I'm becoming an old man! haha

Before any of you know it, I will be on that plane home, flying back to California to see ALL of you again. Then pretty short time after that...getting married:)

Well I got 2 more weeks of learning then I leave the following week. Hopefully I leave on time and get my visa in time!

A lot of missionaries that are going to Mexico lately have had trouble with Visas. They all got re-asigned temporary though. To like vegas or chicago. SO pray so that I will get my visa in time please! Cause I want to go to Mexico not sin city. haha

I love you all!

Write me some questions and I could answer them in my next email home! Ask me anything!

well I love you all!


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Elder David McNamara
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week 5 Complete: Letter from David

Hola Familia plus Amigos y amor unos

Well i have started my 6th week here! It crazy!

Mom- my car doesnt take 100 dollars to go from oceanside to your house. I could get from draper to saint george on a tank of gas. 

Well anyways...Good Luck finding a job! Try praying for help to find one. It'll help i promise!

Thats crazy you'll be going to Mexico the same time I am! except i'll be staying there for 22 months ha

Im doing a lot better with homesickness than I have been the past couple of weeks. It was really bad last week and it was killing me.

Our branch president noticed that I wasnt doing well and he pulled me out on sunday and talked to me. We sat down and he said alright Elder McNamara whats wrong? you dont seem as happy as you usually are? whats wrong? I sat there for a minute then I said. I ve been REALLY homesick these past 2 weeks. Ive been missing my family and my girlfriend katie like crazy. then he asked me to tell him about Katie. So I did.

I told him the situation Kaite and I were in. How I stayed in utah for her. Gave her a promise ring and How I became so close to her family and how amazing she is ( I went on and on about katie for like 8 minutes) then I told him that I love her. I didnt mean to tell him that but it just came out! Then I noticed my president was crying ( I was already crying)

Then He moved his chair closer to mine and said. I know you care about katie so much but look at how you would be if you were home. You couldn't marry her if you were home, shes too young. It would be to big of a temptation for both of you, you cant really hold hands for 2 years. then he told me some more things.

Then he said that i will become the man katie needs me to become if i work hard on my mission and that when i get home i can marry her! All the stuff he told me helped me soooo much! Im happy now! i dont have to fake it now! haha well i never thought you would say you miss the noise!!! hahah 


DAD- Looks like I didnt miss much with the hobbit movie! haha thank you for all your letters dad! I got the picture of both of us yesterday! I love "the other guys"! My comp and I quote that movie all the time here. Its so funny. I wish I could have seen the fireworks, that would have been sweet!. I went to bed at 10:30 on new years eve haha like every other night. JULIE WENT TO A DANCE?! I want to hear all about it! Any boys? haha Good luck on saturday speaking!

I love you Dad!

Well this week has been pretty good! Ive been here for 5 weeks and 1 dia, en nuestro sies semana! este es ultimo la semana nosotros estamos aprendando! The last 3 weeks we review what we have learned! I dont feel like I know enough to go to mexico yet!  It crazy to think about the new spanish speaking missionaries will have left by now. They are only here for 6 weeks. I wish i was like that!

I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE! It gets so borring here sometimes. I feel like im at Hogwarts (in harry potter) hahaha   I love the spiritual moments here which are a lot but i want to teach real people already! I want to get baptizing!!!    

Everyone is getting sick here with the stomach flu! 2 nights ago 45 missionaries went to the hospital because of it! its crazy here! And 4 people in my district got it!  theres 6 in my district haha I dont feel sick at all or getting sick at all. Guess im just so awesome and the heathy est person here! haha en es cierto.

Tuesday we had a zone testimony meeting and it was awesome! I shared my obviously, but i noticed as i was sharing it that how much my testimony has grown! since i got here! It has grown a ton! Its because im learning the gospel to every detail so i can teach it to someone like they're a liitle kid. And I read the book of mormon for about 2 hours everyday!

so if any of you want to increase your testimony and be really happy, READ & STUDY & and PRAY about the book of mormon. read it everyday. Look how the teaching in the book apply to yourself and actually think and ponder about each scripture! I promise you that your testimony will grow faster than you can imagine. I read somewhere that if you dont work on your testimony, it will decrease until it shrinks down to nothing. so we need to always work on it. Im not saying to do what missionaries are doing but just see how you can improve a little better.

Do you know how parents sometimes look down at thier kids and say "what the heck are you doing?" God does the same thing. He looks down from heaven and says "What the heck are you doing?" God loves us and cares about us so much. he lets certain things happen so we can learn just like parents do. He knows whats best for us and we shouldn't question what happens because he knows.All he ask for that you keep his commandments and love him and love everyone and he will always be there for you. John 14;18. He will not leave you uncomforted. Never! That chapter in john is pretty awesome so i suggest you read it.

I've heard this poem before somewhere and you guys probably have heard it to but i would like to share it!

One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life, for each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand; one belonged to him, and the other to the Lord.

When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. he also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life.

This really bothered him and he questioned the Lord about it. "Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you, you would walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why when I needed you most you would leave me!"

The Lord replied. "My precious, precious child, I love you so much, more than you know. I would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you."

every time i read that i feel the spirit so strongly. I love it. I helped me a lot and I have relied on the Lord so much being here. And he HAS helped me so much.

I love him so much and my faith in Chirst has grown so much! Chirst is always there for us even if you dont think he is. After your trials and suffering , you'll notice that he actually was there carrying you through it.

So just always rely on christ, Thats why he's there. Thats why he suffered and died for us so that we can rely on him and become clean and happy again through his atonement.

The atonement isn't just so we can repent of our sins, its also that we can feel His love. So that he knows and understand exactly what we're going through. He smile and laughs when we smile and laugh. He cries and hurts from emotional pain when you do. ALWAYS know that he is there for you! 

Well guys! les amo muy mucho!. (I love all you guys very much!) Keep on writing me please! I hope all of you have an awesome and good week!

Til next week  peace out!

Elder David Ryan McNamara

heche las gannas!

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