Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 76: May 26th: Racing Kids in Mexico; Not Quite as Fast Anymore.

hey familia!                                                                                                    May 26, 2014

how you all doing' I hope awesome. So this past week was pretty difficult man. The poeple in Tanquian are really hard to get to. So on tuesday we did divisions with the zone leaders. They both came to our area and we split up.

I went with Elder Cutler again like i did the last change. And he is a really cool guy, hes from draper and knows all the ssame kids i know. Anyways we taught some good lessons. One ood lesson we had was with Ofelia. Im pretty sure she is going to get baptized there in tanquian. SHe told us that she had recieved an answer that the book of mormon is true and that everything we have taught her is true as well. She is really progresing a lot! And guess what? she went to church yesterday!! Oh yeah. And she really enjoyed it!

SO something funny that happened this week..was one day we were walking around not knowing where to go so i saw some teenage kids playing soccer and i looked over to my comp and said...........hey you kow how i run right? How about if i ask those kids if they would race me. And if i win the give us there address so we have someone to teach. Then he asked me..and what if you loose? I lauighed at him and said. elder por favor i wont lose, im faster than all of them. then my comp just laughed and said alright.

So we go over and i ask them all and trying to get them to want to race me. BUT they were all scared or didnt want to. So we left. And then 3 days later we see them and they said hey lets do a reace now! So i agreed and the kid that i was going to race was a short guy with huge legs and he is always there playing soccer. So i get a little nervous because i havent ran in over 2 years but still had my confindence.

We get to the other side of the soccer field and we start the race. the first 10 meters i was thinking...he beat me in the start but i can beat him in the long run...20 meters...he is still there in front okay okay ill catch him. 40 meters....crap im out of shape. 60 meters....something is happining to my thigh muscle 70 meters i slowed down and he beat me hahaha i finished with a smile and i was pretty surprised. i lost. hahah my comp was just laughing at me.

That just goes to show what a year and a half does to you on the mission and how out of shape i am! BUt he only beat me by a step. SO theres the most interesting thing that happened this week!

Oh yea so i got transfered from Tanquian!! And now im in Tampico. and my new area is called Playa. Its pretty cool so far from what ive seen. SO im excited to see how things go this change!

So before we came here to our area we had to go to the mission house to pick up an elder so he can stay with us for the night. And before we left president jordan wanted to talk with me so he pulled me aside in his office and sat me down. And said...hey Elder McNamara, i just wanted to thank you for your hard work in tanquian.

I know the numbers down show but i know that you worked hard there. Im proud of you. Just know that your on the short list of becoming a zone leader so keep up the good work. I trust you a lot....he told me somethings about my new comp Elder Cortorreal. Hes new in the mission so im his second comp. He just finished his training.

SO IM EXCITED!!!!! I love you all.

Elder McNamara

the hermana Juanita. Presidents wife

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