Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 12: Thankful for What We Have in Mexico

February 19, 2013 (Also Katie's 18th Birthday)

well well well...sorry i didn't write yesterday i was traveling to my new area with my trainer!! haha  his name is Elder G, and he is from Uragay ha or however you spell it.  He doesn´t really know any english so thats cool!

Well first i´l tell you about my last week in a place called Panuco. Its in the state Vera cruz benith Tampico about 2 hours away. So i was in a trio with them and they were cool elders but they didnt like to work. and they didnt get up on time and yeah. So i got there on last monday and unpacked and stuff...i wrote in my journal about it but i didnt know we were going to write our families right now so i didnt bring it cause i didnt fully understand my companion! haha...

but tuesday we walked a ton. Everyday about 20 - 25 miles a day.very tiring (i cant spell anymore) but we went to this family´s house that the mom was baptized but the 2 daughters weren´t. But when we first got to their house i was shocked that someone actually lived there! I thought tampico was bad but this house or "house" was just the shell of a house. It had no front wall of a house and it was just concrete. we go in and the mom meets us and they go get chairs. which they only had 4 or 5. So us three sit down and the mom too. I was so in shock the whole time that people lived here.

And, they start talking and i have no idea whats going on haha i felt retarded. But we start the lesson and i just notice how happy they are and how happy they are to have us over! The 2 daughters are going to get baptized in 3 weeks. Their names are juanita who is 10 and i forgot the other but she was 21. but anyways i bore my testimony and they seemed like they understood or they were just being nice, quien sabe haha but they oldest daughter said the prayer. And i understood the whole thing and i was about to cry! because they were all just so thankful for everything they have! which was nothing! they had 5 chairs some clothes and a plastic table! i honestly dont know how they eat. But in the prayer she also said to help all the other people that are in need. Which we all say in our prayer but the way she said it was so sincere that i was just so humble and was trying not to cry. they are a awesome family!

Then on wednesday while we were walking down the street (which we do all day haha) and there was like 4 12 year old girls that were just staring at me while we walked past them haha so i said buenos dias! and they said it back then once we walked a little further they said "adios guapos!" hahah i was laughing so hard. it was funnny.

Then on thursday..it was a rough day.. but we had to walk for 45 minutes to go teach this one lesson to a family that lived on the out side of town. So we are walking and i say buenos tardes to some people and they start making fun of me! haha cause i said it with a american accent or whatever. But so in the lesson my part was to talk about joseph smith and the first vision and stuff. SO i start talking about him and tell the story, and i start the first vision. half way through the women with a baby ( she probably 20 or so) whips out her boob and starts breast feeding????? what?? hahaha then she switches over after a second...yeah i had to read the rest of the first vision. haha i was just like what the heck?? so that was the first time i said the first vision.

..i dont have that much time left so heres an experience with the food...so this one lady (who turns out to be the relief society president) had us over and made this thing..i dont know what its call..but they cook it inside a corn husk and its just grain or i dont even know what it is with some mush on the side which apparently was beans..so i TRIED to eat it but i couldnt becuase 1) it was disgusting and 2) the table was cleaned with chlorox so the fumes made me feel sick. So i didnt eat it and she asked me what you dont like it! i told her that my stomach didnt feel good! so then she ask if i want coca (coke).  my face lights up and im like oh yeah! Then she says oh i thought you werent feeling good! she was so pissed at me! haha  then on sunday at church she didnt shake my hand..she shook my companions hands but not mine.and she wouldnt look at me! Good thing im not there any more haha

my spanish is coming along slowly. I can understand better. I write more next week! I love you all!

love david

p.s dad i write on mondays and can only read on mondays! and i would perfer emails! I love you.

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