Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 10 Complete: Last letter from MTC

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Como la van? Estoy muy feliz, Ustedes saben por que? Porque tengo mi VISA!!! Simon!!!   (Editorial translation: "How's it going?  I am very happy, do you all know why?  Because, I have my visa!!  Simon!!"   We don't know who Simon is. Supposedly, it is slang for "yeah!")

OH yeah I went to the consulado de Mexico yesterday. Well I'll tell the story! 

So on tuesday my comp and I were sitting in class and then the travel office calls both of us down and the told us that we were going to the consulate tomorrow (wednesday!) So i was made travel leader..I dont know why haha..but anyways they took us to the frontrunner in provo. 

SO we got to take the train. It was awesome! There was 20 of us missionaries on the train and 10 of us sat on the bottom and 10 others sat up top of the train. It was funny at each stop people got on (of course) but some would see us then turn away real quick and go up top...funny for them there was more up top hahaha.  But then others would see all of us and say "MISSIONARIES, I LOVE YOU!" it was cool. We are like rockstars in utah. 

I talked to a couple people on the train. And the train stopped at DRAPER, SANDY and then Murray! It sucked seeing home again and the familiar mountains im used to seeing. So that put me in a wierd mood. I started missing home seeing all of that. But at the stop in Murrray we had to get off and switch to trax. 

And at the stop this mexican guy came up to 10 of us and spoke spanish to us! None of us understood him! He spoke really fast and his mexican accent was crazy. But he spoke english too perfectly. He asked us for 8 dollars for his medicine. haha then after that he asked about our church. He said that his girlfriend lives in salt lake and he lives in provo and she's a member and he wants to know more about our church.  

Then one of the missionaries pulls out a spanish book of mormon and starts to tell him about it. Then the dude asked where can I get one of these books? Then he gave it too him. Then he gave us his address and phone number and said sent the missionaries over!! IT was so cool!  

I dont know if he was just playing us for money or actually wanted to know. BUt still it was a cool experience. And some other mexicans spoke to us too. I never realized how many there were here in utah! haha  

Then we got on trax to go down town. I talked to some other people too about their life and what they're doing and stuff like that. Before my mission I would never talk to a stranger on the train before but look! now I am. Most of them were RMs but still it was cool.  

We got there and guess what? The consulado de Mexico is right behind the Salt lake Bee's stadium! SO we all walked down the street to it. (20 of us missionaries) Every car that passed waved and others took videos! because who see 20 missionaries on the side walk haha  

then we got there and i dont understand why it takes so long to get a visa! All they do is take a picture, take your fingerprint, then back ground check you, then you have your visa! So easy!  

Then we went back to the train station and while we were waiting. Some guy in a car in the parking lot rolled down his window and took pictures of all of us! It was funny he wanted all of us to wave and stuff. Then we came back prison. hahaha im just kidding.  

It was really fun to leave this place for a couple of hours! I'm so excited to leave this place and go to the real world haha it was actually fun!  

So now I got my visa. so i could possibly leave tomorrow. Which i dont think will happen. So i'll probably leave on monday or tuesday! Im so excited!  

That was pretty much the highlight of my week. The only people left in my district are just me and my comp. We're all by our selves! haha we don;t really exsist in the MTC.  

Yesterday the put 4 more elders in our room! haha we came back from the consulate and there were all these bags! but we kicked them out and now they room next to our room. 

Well anyways, Mom sounds like you had so much fun in Mexico! I'm jealous! And yeah I remember when we went there on a cruise that was so much fun. We like would swim underneath the slide in the "secret" under water tunnel!  

And about what the Taxi driver told you about the Mexican Maffia in Tampcio....yeaaahh. The Mexican guy at the train station asked us where we were going and we said Tampico..his face kinda went down. and said careful of the drug lords down there...Yeah that kinda scared me. I guess there are some problems in Tampico with the drug cartel and the Maffia. But don't worry everybody. I'll be okay! I heard the drug lords love the missionaries and actually watch out for them! so no need to worry. The lord wouldn't send his missionaries to places where they would be in danger. So its all good!  

Well Im sooooooooooooooooooo excited to leave and go to Tampico! Its going to be fun when I cant understand a single word anybody says! This time next week I'll be in Mexico for sure! Ahhhh yeah!  

I love you all so much ;) 
Elder Macky

p.s. everyone here calls me MAcky now haha  

PPS: Dad, IM GOING TO MEXICO TOMORROW!!!! I'll call you tongiht in about an hour! I lve yuo dad. Is mom home yet? so i can call her?

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