Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 69: First Week that David Received No Emails or Letters ??

Hey family. 

Hope everyone's doing alright. I didn't get one email today, except for the small sentence from mom and Blake . You know how important those emails are to me every week and are like oxygen to a missionary. 

Well anyways, this week was alright, I have been sick all week, walking and working all day everyday.  I am more than exhausted all week long.  But I'll be alright in a couple days. 

Nothing too interesting happened this week. I did divisions with the Zone Leader, Elder Cutler.  He is from Draper, Utah too, haha.  And, he went to Alta!  He was a year ahead of me though.  I never knew him before the mission but we know the same kids back at Utah and my track coach Doug.  He was fun to talk with him about those high school days and other stuff. 

We have been working with a family lately that's really good and nice.  With the mom, Elvira and Julianna. and her kids. The little kids are so respectful and pay attention to everything we teach. There's a little girl that's like 9, her name is Dulce, when we go to their house she respectful puts her hands together and down by her legs and waits until we shake her hand. Shes cute. And she reads all the parts in the Book of Mormon we leave with the whole family.  I really hope the get baptized and are able to go to church this Sunday! 

The general conference was really good.  I enjoyed it.  We went to Valles about 2 and half hours away to watch it in the stake center.  I got to watch it in a room with other elders, in English.  I liked all the talks. Especially the one by President Utchdorf, when he and Tommy Monson go on Air Force One, and Pres. Utchdorf got to sit in the captain seat and he started to have memories of his days of flying...then he put his hand on the throttle and then Pres. Monson said...."Dieter, don't even think about it." haha   I laughed so hard.

And the other talk by Elder Scott, when he told about when he dated his wife, when she told him something that changed his life ...when she told him that she is going to marry a faithful returned missionary ...and then Elder Scott all of the sudden had a desire to serve a mission!  I liked that a lot too. haha.   And, of course the talk by our Prophet, about being more kind and loving towards all of God's children.

I hope you all liked Conference.  I think about you guys daily, and pray for you all everyday.  I miss you and love you.  Only one month until i get to talk with you (Mother's Day), and only 7 months until i get to see you all in person! 

Elder McNamara

PS:  Dad, thanks for your instant emails and always being there for me, especially today when I didn't receive any emails.  It made me feel much better, and not so forgotten.  It really helped, and it was fun.   I love you very much.  

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