Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 68: 600 B.C. Ruins, Julianne & Juliana and Burning Leaves

I had a good week this week!  All is well, ...all is well!

The reason that I didn't write yesterday was because we changed our P-day to today (this week) so that we could go to the Ruins of the ancient American people. It was pretty cool!  I enjoyed it a lot!  It was really interesting because the first thing that they showed us was an figure of a women that the dude said it was dated to 600 BC and that the oldest date was 600 BC, and the guy kept on talking and saying that right now the archaeologists are trying to find out how they got here in the Americas.

So me, as a missionary, of course I know how they got here.  The Book of Mormon starts out 600 years before Christ, and I know how they got here.  I tried sharing it with the tour guide, but he wasn't that interested.  It's all good.

My comp and I are finding a lot of new investigators.  We found this one family that is really nice, and I think that they are prepared by the Lord.  We put a baptism date in the first lesson with the mom and her older daughter.  Guess what the daughter's name is?  Juliana, haha.  I told her I have a sister with that name. Anyways, they are a really good family and receptive to the spirit and all the things we have taught them so far.

Sunday night we were looking and contacting new people and we found this one young women, 20 years old, just burning leaves so we talked to her and got to know her.  I couldn't believe she was 20, because i thought she looked 30. But right there is when it hit me that I'm 20 too! haha.  I don't feel like a 20 years old, I still feel like I just barely left high school.  So I think I went through my mid-life crisis.

Anyways this young women is married and has a baby, and now they are getting divorced after 2 years. How hard is that?  That's definitely not happening to me. But we started teaching about the atonement and then baptism and then she accepted a date for her baptism. We did all that standing there watching her burn leaves. The Lord works in small weird ways sometimes!

I miss all you guys like always.  I'm so excited for General Conference, and hope you all are too!
I love you.  Have a good week!

Elder McNamara

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