Thursday, January 24, 2013

Week 8 Complete: Letter from David

Dear family and friends!,

Well i got to talk to you yesterday mom! and Julie. That was so nice to hear your guys voice and just listen to you. I thought i was going to be fine and not cry. But when julie said i miss you david! I was going to say it back but then i started cry like crazy! haha it was wierd. I really do miss you julie! and all you guys!

Dad I tried to call you 2 times after I called mom but you didn't pick up! the stupid pay phone took my money too! But then I called Katie after that and talked to her for 4 minutes. It was so nice to hear her voice once again. I can't wait to call all you guys at the airport!

Well about when im leaving for sure....I still don't know. Yesterday we went into the travel office to see whats up with us leaving when..and they said "oh we haven't put you in for re assignment yet"

I was about to flip out! I got so mad haha i mean really?  If they know we aren't getting our visas why wouldn't they put us in for re assignment.  I don;t know they're stupid.  But then they gave us a pass that allowed us to call home for just 5 minutes and since my parents are divorced, got to get 2 passes to call them both for 5 minutes! So that calmed me down after they gave me those haha

So I'm going to be here for another week. I'll get re assigned next week on wednesday or thursday! It will be really awesome to get the opportunity to serve in 2 different missions!  See what it is like in the US and then go to Mexico.

Maybe that was supposed to happen because there is someone in the US that needs me to teach them and Im the only one that can help them!  Its so cool to think about that. That I AM the only person that can help them and the person thats supposed to help them. Thats a lot of responsibility on my shoulders it crazy. But I can handle it with the Lords help.

Not much has really changed in my schedule, same thing each day. On tuesday my comp. got to say the prayer at the devotional so I got to sit up on the stand that night. It was really neat to see all the missionaries out in the crowd! And that night the speaker...David Evans from the 70... asked to have the missionaries that put their papers in because and after the announcement of Thomas S. Monson,  Half the missionaries stood up! That 1500 people.  It was pretty crazy and half of those missionaries were sister! They are starting to overrun this place!

I got to host again yesterday. It was like last week. It was a lot easier because I knew where to look and not to look haha but the guy that kinda "trains" us told us that we were getting 700 missionaries yesterday and that 400 of them were sisters.. crazy. Last year they only got 400 a week this time last year. So the work is deffinately growing really fast.

Dad i didn't get a chance to write you a hand written letter this past week. Im sorry! I dont have that much free time to write! I sounds like you had a good week last week!  You and brandon better win that wieght loss comp. You guys can do it! haha I love you dad.

Brandon, your car doesn;t look better than mine! Well probably does now... haha but the thing that I miss most about home besides katie, is watching movies with you and michael.

It was fun just watching and relaxing and making fun of some movies and eating popcorn out of that salad bowl all the time haha I also miss sleeping in until even 8 or 9!  I wake up at 6;30 everyday. Im used to it now. Been doing it for 2 months now! It crazy to think about it that I've been out for 2 months! I got 22 more to go

A cool quote that the speaker on tuesday shared with us was this..."Some blessings come sooner, Some blessings come later, But blessing ALWAYS come if we are faithful." it was from Holland some time. He talked a lot about having faith and being obedient. And that miracles only stop because faith stops. So EVERYONE keep your faith strong always and you WILL see miracles in you life.

Some miracles are small and you won't notice them and others are bigger. Just always work on your faith in any way always trying to grow it. Because in life nothing can stay the same. You are either progressing or digressing, you can't stay at a state of constant. you are always getting older each day and life moves on.

You have opportunities to either progress or digress in life. Always discern the way to progress and become a better and stronger person in your life. And when hard times come it because god wants to test us and He knows we can get through them. Because we don't recieve a witness after the trial of our faith. and also in ether 12;27 God gives us weaknesses to make us humble and if we turn to Him he will make those weaknesses to become strong.

I dont really know why i just shared that but I felt like i should. Thank you everyone for your letters I really do appreciate them all! sorry my emails are a little boring and sound the same each week. Once i get into the field my emails we be better cause I'll actually have something to write about and some cool stories and experiences!

I love you all.  I'll get to call home next week when I get my reassignment so be expecting a call from me on wednesday or thursday.  Dad pick up! haha  it says unknown but thats probably me!

Love you all

If you wish to send David a letter, he leaves the MTC really soon.   He'll probably be gone by Jan 30th or 31st.   If you wish to write him, please get yourself a FREE account at "www.DearElder.Com"  

(Please, do not send emails to David while he is in the MTC.   After he gets into the field it will work better, but for now, use 

Get a free account at: and send a letter to him at the MTC ALL FREE.

His Mail Box (105), and Mission Code: Mex-Tamp.  
His Estimated Leaving Date is Jan 30, 2013.

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