Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week 9: David Doing Overtime in MTC

Hey family and loved ones :)

Well im here for another week! Everyone in my district got reassigned besides my companion and I! 2 of them are going to Texas and the other one is going to Salt Lake City South! haha  he's from Pleasant Grove so thats kinda funny.  I'm stuck in this place!  GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!

I have loved this place for the first 8 weeks but now im just so ready to leave. I have learned a lot about the gospel and spanish but theres only so much you can learn. Its getting so hard to focus really well because we dont really have a schedule..our schedule ended LAST WEEK!

SO yesterday when we went into the travel office to see what was up. We asked if they had reassingments in and they said yes! SO we all were like where we going! She asked what missions so the other kids in my district said herromosillo then there going to texas...then i said Tampico! Then her face went blank. She said i forgot to put in the tampico mission for reassignment..i thought she was joking. I was like are you serious or joking..then she said I forgot to put that mission in im sorry i'll put it in next week. I was SO mad. I just walked out of that office and I didn't know what I was feeling. I wanted to cry but then again I wanted to punch someone! haha Well anyways im still here can't do anything about it.

so on saturday we we're teaching our "investigator" and we had to ask him the baptism interviews before he really got interviewed. So we asked him the questions and it got to the question about if you have ever comitted a crime. He said yes then went on saying something that we couldn't understand.

So then we tried to ask him if the police we're looking for him in california but all three of us didn't know how to say police in spanish! haha so after a minute of not knowing how to say it in spanish. me being wierd, I put up my finger and twirled it in the air making a siren noise haha i did that and said ..." estan buscando por usted?" ("are they looking for you?")  We all just laughed it was funny.

On sunday I saw one of my good friends! It was so nice! I was going to lunch and then I see him in the halls. It was Nick Gagon. My teammate on the 4x1 who pulled his hamstring but still got the baton in my hand!

We saw each other and just gave each other the biggest hug! it was so nice seeing him and talking to him, He's going to Mexico City. His mission is right next to mine! Uhm.. i dont know what else is really going on the same old everyday.

Mom have fun in Mexico! haha I should be there but nope. You'll come home and Ill still be here in the MTC. Hopefully you can find a job soon! I'll be praying for you.

Dad hows USANA going? Sounded like you have a lot of stuff coming up! I'll get to call you tonight. mom can I call you? Or not because your in mexico? I dont know.

Michael and Brandon and Julie. I love you all so much and miss you guys like crazy!
Then who ever else is reading this I love you too! haha

Welp till next time....ELder McNamara

If you wish to send David a letter, he leaves the MTC really soon.   He'll probably be gone by Feb 6th.   If you wish to write him, please get yourself a FREE account at "www.DearElder.Com"  

(Please, do not send emails to David while he is in the MTC.   After he gets into the field it will work better, but for now, use 

Get a free account at: and send a letter to him at the MTC ALL FREE.

His Mail Box (105), and Mission Code: Mex-Tamp.  
His Estimated Leaving Date is Feb 6, 2013.

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