Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week 23: Skyping Family and Transfer within LDS Mission

Hey family!!

Well im in a new area! Im in a small little town, 5 hours away from my last area. Yesterday i was on a bus all day. It was a way long trip. 

Im sure  going to miss my old compa Elder G.  He was an awesome compa and trainer. I gave him some of my p day clothes because i had to much and i also gave him that shoulder bag because i didnt want it and i like back packs a lot better! 

So my new compa  is Elder R, he´s mexican and he speaks really REALLY fast haha I can understand him most of the time. This new area so far is pretty cool. I havent really done anything yet here so next week ill tell you guys all about it!

Skyping with you guys was so awesome. I forgot how wierd you all are! I love it! And i forgot how wierd i am haha i finally got to be able to be my complete wierd self with you all. I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

After i talked with you guys i was having a hard time. I´ll be honest i wanted to go home and be with you all. 

I was being quiet and elder gonzalez noticed and he gave me a side hug thing and said this time goes by so fast, take advantage of it. The way to make the time go by fast is by working hard and trying to help everyone come closer to christ. That helped me alot.

Well our house here is pretty small and doesnt have AC and a lot crappier than my other house.   Oh and this area in the mission is the 2nd hottest part in the mission! IM GOING TO DIE OF HEAT haha wish me luck. 

I love you guys so much!
Elder McNamara

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Mexico LDS Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Katie on Skype with David and all members of David's Family for Mother's Day Call.

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