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Week 24: Greater Love Hath No Man .....

¿Que andan?

what up family and girlfriend and friends:) This week was pretty awesome!  Im really loving this little town here in the middle of no where. Because we dont need to walk as much and the members here are really cool. So here we have 6 investigators and some less actives. Here its a little tiny branch with about 25 people that go each sunday. I met some of the less actives and members here and its so much better to be able to communicate with them in the begining, unlike in monte alto where everyone would talk to my comp because i couldnt understand them. 

I've made some good relationships with the kids and parents here! I have surprised myself with my spanish. I can understand about everything except some words that i havent heard before and i can speak! haha gracias a dios! and the spirit! Im loving it here a lot. My comp is from Ciudad de Mexico. He speaks a lot faster than my last comp from urugauy. But i have gotten used to it. He is a little lazy with some of the rules and certain things. 

So on like wednesday we ate with the president of the branch and his wife is in texas with her mom taking care of her. And guess what? All of his family lives in the US, like his brothers and sisters and stuff. He said he is going to move there next year.  He was talking with me about texas and his family pretty much the time haha in spanish..he doesnt know english. He is a really cool guy! Oh and his sister lives in Sandy!! haha He called her last night and i talk to his sister that lives in sandy! She speaks like perfect englsih. and her 2 daughters went to jordan high school! It was pretty cool to talk to her. She was nice. 

But anyways at the comida with the president after he was talking to me about one of his sons.. and he was using words like el vivia and hacia eso y eso y eso..and stuff like that and i didnt really catch onto the spanish part. so i asked where is your son? Is he on the mission? then he said No elder, he is dead. I felt so bad and then he showed me a painting of jesus where he is knocking on the door and there was a newspaper article in the picture frame and he told me to read it.... The headline said Sacrificio y un hero. which mean a sacrifrice and hereo. 

The story was sad but cool in a way. So 2 years ago his son and some of his friends after school went to the river that is here. And they were all hanging out then some kids decided to go swiming. a few guys and 2 girls. but his sons didnt because he knew it was dangerous and the current is pretty strong. But after a few minutes the guys came back in but the 2 girls did not. BUt his son noticed that they both were struggling, trying to swim in. So with out thinking he jumped in the river and got the closes girl first and brought her in and went out for the second girl...but they both couldnt make it back in. They both drowned in the river... 

The story went on explaining it more. But it said that no man has more love for his friends that gives his life for them. (thats in the bible somewhere ...John 15:13 Greater alove hath no man than this, that a man lay down hisblife for his cfriends.)  I didnt know what to say after i finished reading it. But i turn to the president and asked him when that happened. He told me 2 years ago on the 27 of may. Then i told him im sorry and i couldnt even imagine how he feels..he was looking at the ground the whole time until he looked up at me and said.. I miss him so much elder..and he started crying. 

The other elders where out side. then he moves over to the couch and sits down then i go and sit next to him and put my arm around him for a little side hug thing. Then he starts telling me the story again and says how much he misses him and how he is grateful for his other 2 sons but the son that died was special and was the best and was always happy and always helping everyone around him. Holy cow i did not know what to say at all. I was on the verge of crying, trying my hardest not to! But then i thought about sharing that one scripture that the elder in  the MTC shared with me in John 14:18.  (I will not leave you acomfortless: I will bcome to you.)  

So he reads it and feels a little better. After a bit we left! It was a sad but cool experience for me. I was praying while i was listening to him to know what i could say to help him and i recieved an answer to share that scripture! A learning experience for me. 

Friday my comp went to Tampico for a meeting for the liders of the mission. So i traveled with him to the city of Victoria and i stayed there with another elder! That city is freaking sweet! There are mountains that look pretty similiar to the utah mountains! It made me miss good ol utah! So i was there until sunday afternoon! We were supposed to return here on saturday but nope! and i forgot to bring more garments! so i wore the same garment for 3 days! haha pretty gross huh? Yeah  i know! BUt we taught some people (duh im on a mission) and walked a ton. Its so hilly there. 

We where in a area called Lomas.. which means Hills haha so a lot of walking up giant hills! I wished i could take pictures but my carmera is being fixed by a member here! Oh yeah i forgot to tell you guys another cool thing that on saturday in Victoria we were looking for some old investigators and i looked behind us for some reason for a second and i saw the police truck that has the turrent on top with 5 other guys with weapons pointed out. 

So then i look back again and kinda stare for 2 or 3 seconds because i thought it was cool. I guess thats a bad sign because they stopped, reversed, and went down the street we were walking and "pulled" us over. They got out and 5 guys surrounded us and asked what we were doing.  My comp said we are missionaries just looking for people to teach. Then they want to search our back packs and i tell them "solo tengo biblias en mi mochila" but they stilled wanted to look. 

Then they told me to open the smaller pocket in the front and i had that pocket knife thing that katie and her family gave me.. and he asked why do you have that. I didnt say anything just said "no se" I dont know. Then they said okay and left...

After my comp asked me why do you have that!!! They could have taken both of us to jail for you having that!.. but then he laughed after and said how lucky i am. So i guess im not allowed to have a pocket knife here in the streets haha I was pretty nervous the whole time! haha it was pretty funny after!!!

Well family thanks for your email! Mom and Dad! and Kaite! Julie im glad you got my letter! I love you Mom, Dad, Michael, Brandon, and Julie! and Katie and her family! Welp till next week,,,,

Love, Elder McNamara
Any questions??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

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