Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 27: Trust Falls and Playing in the Dirt

Que onda familia y amigos?

Les amo un buen! This week went by pretty slow. A lot of things happened! Well wedensday we went to the city of victoria again! We went for the zone conference for our zone. We had to wake up at 5 in the freaking morning so we could get to victoria on time! It sucked. I dont like waking up that early haha 

We had the meeting and everything. I got to see and talk with some other americans which was nice. Im not the ¨youngest¨ in terms of mission time anymore. The other americans have like 3 4 and 5 months in the mission. Its crazy that i have been out for more than 6 months! I know that i shouldnt compare myself to others but i can see how far  my spanish has come. Which made me feel better about my spanish! 

In the zone conference we did this one game thing. Where we had 2 missionaries blind folded come into a room and climb on top of 2 tables and fall backwards. We had like 6 missionaries there to catch them. It was so funny watching them climb up the 2 tables. And one of the missionaries started cry a little bit because he was freaked out to fall back. A trust fall thing. 

Then after i got letters!!! I got 3 letters from my baby girl Kaitlin (who just graduated from Alta High this past week), and another letter from a fan i have now! She saw my plack at the stake center and read my blog. I got a fan now! haha its was nice.

Well we didnt get back to soto until like 8 30 so we just went back home and yeah. Thursday we just went around setting up citas for the next couple of days because my companion wasnt feeling well. He said he felt weak and couldnt think straight and all that. I told him he was dihigerated and to drink water. But he didnt want to go to the house and rest. So we walked around all day. Friday we actually taught some lessons! Fianlly! 

We taught this one less active named clemente. He was baptized like 25 years ago but hasnt been going to church for the past 10 or so years. He has a little store that he sells beer. And he told us he wants to go to church but he cnt because sundays are the best days to sell....somethings not right there right? Well he had some question for us about the bible and told us that the sabbath day was saturday and all that, so my comp had to explain the law of moses to him then he said that jesus died on thursday and resurrected saturday so i had to explain to him that he died friday and all that. So after that lesson full of apostasy haha we walk about 1000 miles to one of our investigators house. It was so hot that day about died! The investigotr lives in the middle of nowhere! Its on the outscruts of town! And shade doesnt exist there...

Okay the picture with me eating the food item which are called tamalis (i dont know how to spell it) the worst food item here.  But the elder next to me in this picture is my companion!

The picture with the tortillas..oh baby those are hand made tortillas de harina! Flour tortillas. The best thing in the world! the other one with elder ramirez is where we eat today for p day!

The picture with all of us looking trashy...well is because we had a wrestling fight on the dirt ground last night. It was so much fun! It was me elder ramirez and elder rojas against the elder flores and the two members that you can see there. The first one to pinned the other teams back to the ground wins!

Then we went to the comida...with the old president of the branxh. He is loaded out of his mind. He is nice and all and a good guy. During the food one of my companions asked me some question like do you guys in the U.S. eat with bread in every meal. (Because here they eat tortillas with every meal) And i was going to answer it but the ex-president answered it and went off about it. Then my comp asked another question about america then i was going to answer but the president answered for me. i was kinda getting irritated at that. Then he started dissing the u.s. a little. I started to get a little mad but i didnt say anything. I just let him talk his heart out. I just brushed it off my shoulders...

Then saturday We taught the women named carolina. About the book of mormon and the holy ghost and the role it has in conversion. She accepted it pretty well but she didnt come to church yesterday. Its so frusterating when they dont come to church!! Then we taught a menos activo and her daughter. Her daughter is 8 and getting baptized this sautrday! and guess what?.....I will probably get to baptize her! We arent allowed to baptize as missionaries but if its a baptism of the ward or branch we can baptized them. Doesnt count for the mission but it counts for the Lord! The other elders here and having a baptism this saturday as well! 

Then saturday night when we were walking back to our house this drunk guy started walking with us and talking to us. haha I told him that we were missionaries then he started asking if he could sleep at our house for the night and we said no. Then he said what would jesus do. and went off about that and so we gave him a card of jesus and he started kissing it and went off rambling on about something. My comp couldnt even understand him. haha i was laughing. Then he wouldnt leave us alone because we said we couldnt have him spend the night with us so my comp said wait here in the center square and we will come back for you in 10 minutes to spend the night. haha oh my gosh. estos barrachos ! 

That was pretty much my week this week. We didnt have many lesson but this week we are going to have more! 

I love all of you guys! 

Please write me! Stay strong in the word and hold on to the iron rod! 

Elder McNamara

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