Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week 28: First Baptism ... Done Three Times ...HaHa

Hey guys what up?

I miss you guys! Looks like you all are having fun with katie. Im kinda jealous im not there but its a good bonding experience for all of you with kaite:) Thank you for sending me some pictures all of you guys look pretty good!

This past week was pretty much the same as always. Teaching people the gospel haha..on like tuesday or wednesday of last week i was feeling a little down. Because my teaching isnt where i would like it to be and also because my comp is lazy and some days he doesnt really want to do anything. so when that happens is pretty hard to get him to go somewhere to teach some people. It gets pretty frusterating. He has 20 months in the mission so thats why he is kinda lazy now. 

So  I was feeling a little down so the next morning when i woke i prayed normally but then i decided to ask if heavenly father acepts me as a missionary. I never prayed about that before but i did that time. And when i said that i felt the spirit testifying to me that heavenly father does acept me as a missionary! It was pretty cool.

Then this past saturday i got a chance to baptize!! I was so excited. Like on tuesday we went to the house of the little girl and her mom and we asked her who she want to baptize her.. and she thought about it and then she looked at me and smiled but didnt say anything.   Then i said..¿Yo? .. then she said yes i want you to baptize me elder mcnamara. I started smiling so big. That was the first time i actually smile for real and was really happy! Before that happened i was praying the week beofre for a chance to baptize her and that she would want me to baptize her and i did get to! 

So saturday was the baptism at our little branch here in the soto la marina. The baptism fount..well its like a giant kiddy pool really haha i send a picture of it. So i get dressed in all the way i look pretty good in all white haha.. then i get in the font and help the little girl.. her name is Belem. And then i explained to her how i was going to baptize her then i put my right arm up and started to say the pray...,Habiendo sido comisionado por Jesucristo, Yo te bautizo en el nombre del padre, y del HIjo, y del espiritu santo, Amen.... 

When i first put my arm up right away i felt the spirit and the power of the preisthood throughout my whole body! It kinda surprised me but it was so awesome! Then i baptized her! Her toes were poking up so i had to do it agian and again her toes were poking up! haha so it took 3 times to finally baptize her correctly. 

After the devotional and stuff one of the other elders was talking to one of his investigators that came to the baptism and he told me that she said when she saw me put up my arm and started to say the pray that she felt a wierd cool chill run through her body and she had never felt that before! Isnt that cool!

Then on sunday my comp confirmed belem as a member of La iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. I took part in the comfirmation and again i felt the spirit as he was comfirming her. It was another testimony to me that this church is true! and the preisthood is real!

Okay so monday we went to Victoria!! Victoria is not tampico mama. Victoria is the capital of the state of Tamaulipas. All the zone went and we played dogeball! Oh man it was so fun. and we all got jersey with numbers and our names on the back. Its pretty tight. Then we played kickball and basketball and tug of war. IT was pretty fun.

Then my comp and i and the other elders in our area we went to the soccer stadium for the team of victoria!  We took pictures and stuff. And there was a track so you know me...i had to run on it. I raced a elder the full 100 meters. He thought that he was going to win but that didnt happen.

I about passed out after! First time i ran a 100 meters full out since last year! Im so sore right now from it.

That was pretty much my week and a half!

I love you mom,dad,michael,brandon,julie, and katie!

Elder McNamara

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