Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 26: First Vision Interruptions and Chopping Down Palm Trees

Well oh well...what a week.

Probably the hottest week here so far for me! I about always drenched in sweat haha 

Well the week started off with interviews with the president in the city of victoria! We got there and waiting for awhile then my districted got interviewed. I was good to talk with the president. We talked about you guys and katie. Because I told him that im still having a hard time missing all of you. Some days are easier than others! If i taught a bad lesson or my spanish is sucking i start missing home and all of that. But he asked me what i do when i start missing you guys and i told him that i pray. 

Then he went on telling me stories from his mission and how he had a girlfriend and some other stuuf from his mission. He talked to me about girlfriends most of the time....then he told me that now that i have 6 months in the mission he is going to expect more from me. That i need to keep on improving my teaching and my missionary skills.  Then he asked me to start taking the intiative for a day then after for a week. I think he is preparing me to be trainer!!! I want to train a newbie! haha 

So we spent the whole day there pretty much. I had some time to speak with the other gueros or in english white boys haha it was fun and good to speak english and feel myself in my own language! The rest of the week was alright. We didnt have as much lession as we wanted. But on saturday i got the special privilige to cut down a palm tree with a machete! hahah it was so awesome.  The mom wanted the flowers that were growing on the top. So we first try to help her cut them with a knife on a long pole but after 5 minutes it didnt work so she said..just cut down the whole tree!! Okay sweet! haha 

But this mom is the mom of this member. She isnt a member but we just starting teaching her this past week. She is such a sweat heart but she talks a ton! We had to do leccion 1 in 2 two days! She is starting to understand everything. But when we were about to say the first vision. We were building up the moment, explaining the he had a question and he read james 1 5 and all of that. Then we are about to say it then the phone rings and she talks for 3 minutes..then we try again..the phone rings again! So after we try again then someone comes to thier door and they invited her then we finally had a chance to give the first vision. 

Then we explain the book of mormon and all of that. The mom, her name is Carolina ,she seemed excited to know if all of this is true. I think she will get baptized! But with the women that walked in. I felt like i should give her a pamplet so i did! And guess what? She told us that we can visit her son too! Its crazy how everything works out!

So we had church yesterday and all that fun stuff. And today we played baseball! In the back yard of the church!! It was so fun. Just us 4 elderes. My comp and I won because i hit the ball over the church. Oh we used a small stick as the bat. Then after that one of the elders decided to put palm branches together and put their trash there and set it on fire!  Hes a little crazy !! 

Well that was my week. Im doing good. My spanish is coming along just good. I miss all of you and i love you guys!

Elder McNamara

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