Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 36: Teaching with the Spirit

Well well well.....This week has probably been the best week of my mission!!!  

Im not even joking. It was awesome! My new comp Elder Nieto is so wierd but i like it because im wierd too. Hes really obedient to the fact that in the morning ( waking up on time is one of my problems i have) exactly at 6 30 he goes turns on the lights and then starts poking my arm until i fully wake up! haha so he is on top of things. 

So this week was pretty awesome like i said. I had to lead the area to teach my comp and have him meet the members in our area and stuff like that. He has the same time as me in the mission but he is such a good teacher. Kinda talks alot but he is a good teacher. I honestly dont know what happened to me but my spanish this week has improved a million times better. I become more out going with the people and just laugh more and laugh at myself when i say something wrong in spanish! I dont know what happened by this week i have been so much happier than before! 

The lessons that we have had this week were the best too. I want to tell you guys about one. SO we went a less active memebres house, her name is Gladys and she 14 but looks like she has 22 haha 

so we started teaching her about the 2000 stripling warriors, thats definatley my favorite story in the book of mormon. We taught her how they were strong and firm in the faith of christ and had courage and werent affraid to go to battle because they had faith in god. The stripture that i love from that story (Alma 56: 45 to 46) is when they respond to Helaman and say to him, father, our god is with us and he wont allow us to fall, so let us advance! awesome that stripture. 

So we taught all about that and it was a good lesson so my comp was saying some stuff to end the lesson and while he was talking i got an impresion to just ask her how she felt in that moment. I thought about it and kinda brushed it off a little then the impresion came again. Ask her how she feels. So when my comp finihsed talking i went ahead and asked the simple question...Como se siente ahora?...and then she just opened up to us and explained to us all the problems she is having right now, and how she feels alone most of the time, and her family doesnt really support her in the church because she is the only member. She went on for about 15 minutes. 

I have never met a young 14 year old girl with problems like she has. I felt so bad for her and while she was talking i was listening but thinking at the same time..what in the world can i say to her?...But i just kept listening and just before she stopped talking i got another impresion talk about the life of Jesus Christ. So she stopped talking and both my compnion and i were at a lost of words. SO after a few seconds i started talking about Christ. I told her when jesus was here the people rejected him. Before he died he suffered the pain of every pain of every person. He paid for everyone of our sins. Then after that he was judged and was tortured. The people said horrible things to him, spit on him, hit him, and no one was by his side. Then he was crucified and there he felt even more pain. and still no one was there. Then i told her how much Heavenly Father loves her and how he knows exactly how she feels.

Oh my gosh. While i was saying that to her i felt the spirit so strong the whole time. I didnt even worry about the spanish. It came out perfectly! I was speaking with the spirit and it was awesome. The first time i had that happen to me! She started crying and she felt a lot better. When ended the lesson and left and i told my comp that was the first time i spoke with the spirit.

Well so that was one of my experience i had this week that just made it awesome! On sunday i had to teach sunday school to all the members! And i did and it was fun! i was so nervous the night before because i thought i wasnt going to be able to do it and stuff by my comp helped me out and we ended up teaching the class together. I taught half and he taught half. Just imagine me in front of a class slowly walking back and forth, teaching in spanish...yep thats what i did! haha i felt pretty cool.
Welt that was a little bit about my week. I loved it and i cant wait for the week too! I love all of you guys so much!

Elder McNamara

PS to Dad:

Hey dad! You dont need to worry about a thing. Yes they changed the policy back when i was in my first area. That we could contact someone if we felt like we should. The presidnet called me on friday or thursday afternoon telling me that he had talked to you and stuff. Im all good and safe here.

My comp is really obedient and funny and wierd. The house we live in is 2 stories and behind other house. Well its like part of 4 different houses. The mickey mouse things are in the other house above the church where the other elders live! haha i dont know why. The house is to ourselves!

I havent gotten your package. On p day there isnt really anything to do here! Its pretty boring. Just sleep, write, write emails, eat out then yeah its all done!

Well dad i love you. Im loving it here!

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