Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 38: Raining Hard in Mexico Tampico Mission

well well well.. Alright week this week! Not much happening, expect pouring rain about everyday this week! I have been drenched the lie! The streets here turn into rivers haha its kinda crazy but makes it way dificult to cross the street without getting your shoes wet!

Monday night we have a actividad de rama (Branch activity) It was actually fun. You know why? Because us missionaries had to plan the whole thing! So we did a sketch on how a family home evening should be. With us four missionaries acting like the family. Then we had sketchs in the sketch that we did about profets. SO we included all the members that came. Me and one of my comps took one group and the others took the other. WE acted about Noes ark with me being Noeh! haha lets just say i had a lot of fun being him. And i had prsident of the rama as my son and we built the ark and the rest of the group were the animals haha it was pretty funny. My comp took a video but its too long to send.

On wednesday the zone leaders came all the way here to do divisions with us. I dont know if its me or not but it seems like everytime we do divisions we get nothing accomplished. All of our citas fell through and only ended up teaching 2 lessons.  My comp and i average about 4 to 6 lessons a day! 

But the zone leader brought letters and packages with him!! oh yeah and most of them were for me haha I got a letter from wendi, brandon, grandma and grandpa mcpherson, A package from dad (dont understand what a stig is¿) and a package from grandma mac with the best treats i have gotten here on my mission. Those penaut butter rice crsipy treats with cholocate on top...OH BABY!! Its like gold here!

On friday we went to victoria for interviews with president! It was good to talk with him and see the other elders in our zone. Because we are so far away from everyone. My old comp, Elder Flores, that i was in a trio with. He is the asistant to the president now! Crazy. We were there all day and didnt get back here until 8 at night. 

The bus right back was the worst. Because we bought our tickets a little late so there were no seats avaible so we had to buy standing seats (yeah the sell those here) So we were standing along with 30 other people haha i was standing for about 2 hours until i had a chance to seat done for the 3 hour bus ride.

Then yesterday at church was the conference of the branch. And pres. Jordan and his wife came and spoke. It was a really good talk what pres spoke. He read a scripture in the DC about the work and how it will grow and be right before the 2nd coming. and then he said that when pres Monson changed the age (for missionaries) he said that that scripture was being fillfuled in that moment. Oh yeah!!

Well anyways that was my week. Didnt do much today studied, slept, and now writing. And its been raing since 7 this morning haha I love you family:)

Elder McNamara

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