Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 44: Tragedy in Mexico Tampico Mission, but the Work Goes On

Hey guys! 

well looks like the news of the Missionary that died wednesday had gotten to you.  Its so sad.  They were reading their scriptures outside because it was cooler outside and they were heading inside. And to get inside they had to walk on a ledge and while he was walking, a live wire brushed his shoulder and knocked him unconsciences and he fell 2 stories to the street. 

Some people gave us the newspaper that had that story. Super sad. I didnt know him because he just got here last month.  Anyways we found out friday morning in a special meeting we had.   (Elder Colt Daniel Kunz, age 20, from Victor, Idaho, died Wednesday, Oct. 9, while serving in the Mexico Tampico Mission. )

Well the week has been alright. It went by really fast! The transfer is almost over already! CRAZY....so we have been teaching this one couple named Julian and Lucero. They are really cool. Julian is a member but he went in active like 4 years ago and meet his girlfriend that he has right now.  Shes not a member be we are working on that! haha 

Shes pregnant and she is going to have her baby probably this week. We have been focusing on her in the lessons and saturday we taught her the PLan of Salvation. So many elders have taught her all the lessons, the only reason she cant get baptized is because she isnt....married. Thats the case with about evryone here in our mision. 

The lesson we had saturday was really spiritual. We talked about our propose here on earth and how it is to have a family. I talked about the importance of having a family and and even more important to be married and to have a good home to raise a child. That the best situation to raise a child is in the gospel. Then i talked about how blessed they are to have a baby so soon and that the baby is coming directly from our Heavenly Father. I was feeling the spirit pretty strongly! 

On friday we taught a recient convert. She recently got bit by both of her dogs!! The bite is so bad!! We were teaching her then she stopped us because she coulndt focus because she was worried about getting shots and that her bit was going to get infected and she was in pain. So we ended the lesson and we told her she could ask us for a blessing and she said yes. 

So without my comp asking me he gets the oil and does the first part of the blessing which meant that i was going to give the second part of the blessing! I was kinda nervous becuase i didnt know what to say and even more in spanish! But i went ahead and started. 

Right when i declared the autority of the Preisthood of Melqusidec i felt like the ¨power¨ running through my hands to her head and gave the blessing. I blessed her that her leg would heal and that it wouldnt get infected. Then i told her to have peace and comfort. ANd that Heavenly Father has been and is always protecting her. I said more things but i cant remember. I definately had to realy on the spirit for that blessing and it strengthed my testimony about the preisthood a ton! It was a really cool experiece for me! 

So wednesday, sorry im like writing this all in disorder haha im just remembering these things all the sudden!, We did divisoins with the zone leaders! The Gringo Zone leader was the asistant that i stay with for 3 days when i got here in Mexico, Elder Stockard. He is so cool. I actually learned a lot from this division. He taught me how to actualy set goals and plans for the goals. Because i notcied with him that i wasnt really geting everything out of my mission that i could and that i should. SO he opened my eyes to that and now i have some goals that i set on thursday and i have comleted them everyday to this day! 

I also feel that the lessons we teach to everyone is really changing me than its changing the people we are teaching. Because as i teach my testimony grows and i feel the spirit testifying to me that what im teaching is true! The mission really is such a blessing for me and im so glad that im out here, theres nothing better that i could be doing! 

I love every single one of you! Mom, Dad, Michael, Brandon, Julie, and Katie! and the rest of you family! 

Elder McNamara  

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  1. Hi my name is Maddie! I have a missionary in the MTC who will leave for Tampico on August 18! I don't know if this is a mom or friend that runs this blog but I would love it if someone could email so I could ask a couple questions! It would mean the world to me! My email is madspack@icloud.com
    Thanks so much! And this blog is so great!