Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 45: Zone Conference and a Week of Rejections on Approach

Hey Family!

Well this week is the last week of the transfer! wow its gone by pretty fast!

This past week was a little interersting. It started out pretty well and ended a little difulcult. Wednesday until Sunday we had such a hard time to find people to teach!! We were honestly walking around all day and no one was in their houses!

Friday we had a zone conference with President Jordan. It started a 10 and ended at 6 in the afternoon!! So long. BUt it was really good. The first 2 hours was a devotional for the Elder (Kuntz) that past away last week. And we also talked in depth of the plan of salvation. It was really awesome. IM not going to lie...i was holding back tears most of the time. I just feel so bad for his family. I couldnt imagine anything happening like that. BUt he is in a way better place preaching the gospel!

Then we ate and after the asistantes talked to us and we started the practices!! We were in groups of 3 and each person had a paper with 2 investigators to act. And the missionary had to find out the investigators needs and teach without reading the paper! Oh and we only had 7 minutes to do it haha and when i was the missionary teaching president Jordan came over and watched me and gave me advice haha i was a little nervous to have the president there haha He is such a cool guy though!

Then after one of the asistents came with us to do divisions! It was Elder Flores!! My companion in soto for 3 weeks haha it was so fun to be with him again. We just joked around and laughed the whole time. And at night we talked unitl 1 in the morning. He so cool.

Saturday was a decent day. we had the opportunity to teach the sister and her family of one of our less actives that we are teaching!! He just had his baby with his wife. The baby is so cute and little! Anyways we taught his sister and her family and them seemed really interested in the gospel and were participating in the lesson and everything. BUt at the ended we invited them to church and for another lesson but they flat out rejected us!! OH MAN:..

Then saturday night i started feeling sick and my throat started to hurt me. Then Sunday i started to feel even worse! I was so tired even though i slept normal.

Honestly ALL of our citas fell through...every sinlge one. Sooooo we put ourselfs to contact in one colonia! Lets just say i dont know how to contact very well. I have never done it before. My comp contacted like 3 and then it was my turn.

So we stopped in front of thier house and i said Buenas Noches!! And the woman came out and i said buenas noches again and she said what do you want? so my mind went all blank and i didnt konw what to say so i asked her "Como se llama?" I asked her for her lame huh? and even more funny she said huh? I dont understand you! Then my comp took over. They rejected us anyways

Then it was my turn again. Its like 8 at night and we see this guy waiting under a lamp post. I asked my comp. What do you think about him? Should I go contact him? all the while we were staring at him then he looked over, so we had to go over. So i start contacting him and it went pretty well!! I didnt sound retarded and i went smoothly. All in all..he rejected us too but..he did it nicely.!

Well that was pretty much week for yáll!
I love you so much family!

Elder McNamara


Thanks dad for your email! Thats so awesome that your buisness is going so well right now. Going all over the place. And glad that i got a part in that when i get home!

Thats cool that luke is improving in sports . Yeah i remember when that happened when my coach asked me what happened. i did say usana but he said "no..thats not it. Its the workouts your doing" haha  i miss my coach a little bit. Hes a cool guy.   I love you dad like always.   The picture of julie and her friend is funny haha   Love, David

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