Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 46: New Companion, New Week, One More Month Until Hump Day!

Hey guys!

Welp, its the first day of the new change.  And my comp got switched out.  My new comp is called Elder Santeliz?  I dont konw how to spell it  haha  but im waiting for him right now to get here from tampico with another elder waiting for his comp.  Im excited to have a new companion. This last week was pretty tough with elder garcia and I.  We got in fights pretty much everyday this past week. ha

Like on wednesday i was feeling so bad!  I dont know what it was.  I was feeling sick to my stomach, head ache and i was homesick too.  I was feeling so sick so we went home and i called sister jordan and then i went to bed at 5 in the afternoon and diddnt wake up until 6 the next morning.  I was feeling so bad and down.  BUt i woke up refreshed and all good.

The past week we contacted in the street a ton!  We contacted 16 people.  I contacted 6 and my comp 10. It was a difficult week with the lessons.  Not really much there.  Saturday we had 6 lessons though!  We worked our butts off that day just going over to everyones house and trying to teach them! haha

We are teaching this one less active named Gloria. She has been a member for 16 years but hasnt gone in 15 years. We were teaching her and we were getting to know her better and her story and stuff. She was telling us how she and her family were going good in the church and everything and they went to te temple to do baptisms and after some things happened and they all just stopped going all of the sudden.

And she was saying how when she stopped going her life got so hard and she was feeling super lonely and everything. And that now she doesnt believe in the church and the prophets and feels like the book of mormon is completey false. When she was saying all that to us i wanted to cry hearing all that. How could a person that has been in the church so long and knew at one time the church is true and then a few years later be so against it and non believing?! It made me so sad. After i shared my testimony to her. About when i first found out that the church is true and everything. That i know that the book of mormon is true becasue i have asked heavenly father about each one and have recieved an answer each time! It was powerful for me and i was feeling the spirit real strongly. Its amazing the power of a testimony!

That was pretty much my week. Im excited to have this new change with my new comp. WE{ll see how it goes!

I love every single one of you.

Elder McNamara

A tarantula that "needed" to be killed while on a service project.

Meanwhile, Katie is almost mid-way through her Freshman year at Snow College, while David is about a month away from from being a year on his mission!   She's getting excited to be over the hump.  :)

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