Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 52: David is Now a District Leader! Leading the Elders!

Hey guys!!!...well im still in my area, Huejutla B!!

I'm excited and glad that my compa and i will still be together. Like i said before we are like brothers haha oh and Im the new district leader! Woohoo.

Im excited to serve the other missionaries and be able to gain some experience as a leader.  Im a little nervous though because i dont really know how to be a district leader..oh well i will learn on the way!

This week was good. We taught Alfonso monday and thursday, we taught him the Law of Chastity and the other time of repentance. They were awesome leasons. I swear every lesson we have with him is so spiritual. And he understands about everything we teach him. He is for sure prepared 100 percent by the lord. I feel so grateful to be able to bring him unto his savior.

On friday the zone leaders, they are in our district, had a baptism. Their investigator was 100 percent prepared also and Alfonso came too!  It was good and helped alfonso clear up his doubts he had and when David (the person that got baptized) shared his testimony. OH YEAH it was perfect and exactly what Alfonso needed to hear.

He talked about how he would go to many different churches looking for something to fill the openness he had inside him. That each church he went to there was something that he didnt like and that none of them would fill that emptiness he had, until he came to our church. The feelings he had when the missionaries were teaching him and going to the church and all would fill the emptiness he had inside him. Thats when he knew he had to keep going and get baptized!

It was an awesome story and testimony! I actually taught David for the first time when i did divisiones with the zone leader Elder Stokard. My comp and i are thinking that David should baptize Alfonso in these next few weeks. How awesome would that be!

Elder stockard finished his mission today. He left during church yesterday, he passed behind me and put his hand on my shoulder and said I love you man and then left! Oh my gosh just thinking about when that time will come for me makes me a little sad! Thats going to be so hard for me. I love the mission, its so fun!  Well only 11 months until i finish my mission. That time is going to fly by!!

One day we were walking in the street and we didnt know where to go because all of our citas fell through. I was thinking to myself like this stinks, what the heck are we going to do now...i was kinda mad but then we see a old lady in front of us pulling this cart thing packed full of wood and straw!

When i say packed full i mean its coming out of the edges like 2 feet on all sides haha so we help her pull it to her house which was like 2 miles away. I pull it the whole way and oh man!! I was sweating like a pig!

But we get to their house and turns out they were going to use the wood and straw to make their mudd house. They already had the mudd they just needed to add the straw! We ended up talking to her son and her sons wife. We talked a little bit then we brought up religion and they go to a christian church and are liking it and all.

So we talk to them about the book of mormon and profets and stuff. they seemed pretty interested.  We are going to visit them this week so we will see how it goes!   That was pretty much my week for you. I love you all so much! I miss you guys like crazy, but the time will go by.  Have a good week!

Elder McNamara

the hermana taly was cooking some chicken and out her dirty hand on my face!! hahha

For Dad, a somewhat sad Mexican Festivus 2013 (it was the best pole I could find)

For everyone, instead of the Festivus Pole, a Christmas Tree in el pueblo

"Only 11 months to go .... hmmmm?"

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