Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 53: First Baptism Coming Up: Alfonso this Saturday; Then Christmas Skype!

Hey Guys!  

How was all your guys week?   Well my was pretty good.  My first week as a district leader.  I loved it! Wednesday was the district meeting and I gave the class, obviously. haha   I prepared everything tuesday and gave it wednesday.   It was really good!   I felt like i taught really well so thats good! 

then thursday I went to tampico for a meeting with all the leaders in the misison.  It was really good. We took a 4 hour bus ride to Tampico and stayed in the house of the assistents.  8 missionaries in a small appartment haha    I didnt go to bed until like 1 in the morning and woke up at 6 30.   Then the meeting there in the institute building. 

The president is changing things up in the mission because 12 x zone leaders finished there missions and he needs new leaders in the mission.  So he called like 25 new district leaders!  Its pretty sweet. The meeting lastest 7 hours and it was all about how to be a good leader and what we need to do as leaders in the mission.  I learned alot!

Alfonso is doing awesome. He is for sure one of those prepared by the lord.  The last monday we had a family home evening with him and another family.  It was good we talked about the life of christ and everything.  And we walked with Alfonso back to his house and he started asking us questiones about the temple and other things and then we started talkiing about normal life and he opened up to us and we were joking around!  It was good because before he was a little shy with us and stuff by now he just jokes around and all. 

Then my comp and another missionary taught him, because i was in tampico, but he told me all about it and Alfonso told them that he had finally recieved his answer.  That he was praying for several things and he felt a warm feeling inside and that he just knew that the book of mormon is true and that the church is true and that everything that we have taught him is true.  And he feels ready for his baptism and he is ready! 

What an amazing feeling to bring someone to the knowledge of thier redemer!  He will be having his interview friday and baptism next saturday!   OH man.   Im SO EXCITED!! 

Speaking about being excited. I CANT WAIT TO TALK WITH EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      Next week (on Christmas Day) i get to skype with you all.   Im so happy to be able to talk and see everyone. I'm going to cry but hey, who wouldnt at this time?  haha

In this mission arrived 7 sister missionaries, but the difference is, is that they are american!  The first time in forever that american sister missionaries have been in Mexico.  And theres 2 here in this town. BUt they arent in my district haha 

Hey! I will probably be call skyping on Christmas around 4 PM here so that will be 3 in utah and 2 in california. I might be calling a little earlier than that so be ready please. And come with questions and stuff that you want to ask me and things to talk about!!!    Please dont forget that!   Questions and things to talk about!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone will have a good week this week!   Love every single one of you. 

Elder McNamara 

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