Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 58: Transferred: Left Huejutla Hills and now in a SMALL PUEBLO!

Hey familia!

How are you guys doing? I hope really well!

So your probably wondering why i didnt write you yesterday. Thats because i got changed to a new area! Thats right it was transfers.

So i left good ol Huejutla. I loved that area so much, even though we had to climb up those mountains all day long. And i loved my comp Elder Santeliz. He is a stud and a great friend. He is like my brother.

I was a little hard to say good bye to Alfonso.  I figured out that i was leaving after the first class on sunday and i didnt tell him until church was over. But guess what??? Alfonso recieved the Aaronic Preisthood on sunday!!!!!!!! And i got to participate in the ordenation. How awesome is that, I got to find, teach, baptize, and see him recieve the preisrhood. I feel so blessed to have been apart of his life and see that miracle. Miracles do exist! I gave him a picture of his baptism with us in it and wrote some things on the back.

I also said goodbye to other members, just a few because i didnt want everyone to come up to me saying oh wow where are you going, blah blah haha things like that.  I went to say goodbye to the hermana taly and her family, the lady that i shared that how you have been an example to me mom! She reminds me so much of aunt kelly, just her personality haha

So your probably wondering where im writing from, Im in Tanquian, San Luis, Mexico!  Its a REALLY small town. I thought Soto La Marina was a small town, i thought wrong. This area is even smaller.

They just barely opened it up like 6 months ago, they closed it in 2011 because the missionaries couldnt teach anyone! No one wanted to listen to them. But every thing is changing for the better, from at least what i have been told. Im the District Leader of the district with 4 elders. I have us two here in Tanquin, and another 2 elders in another small town an hour away! We are in the middle of nowhere! Its so cool!

My compa is Elder Soto from Chile! And im his step father, or in other words im his 2nd companion. He just finished his in field training so he's a greeny haha.  He is cool, his got a girlfriend waiting for him, likes cool music, he's a ballerina haha, likes to dance and things like that.  Honestly if he didnt tell me that he was a ballerina i would have never guessed he was.  And he seems like a hard worker so thats always  good.

Im really excited for this change here in this small town.  Wish me luck and pray for me with EXITO (success).   I love you all.  :)

Elder McNamara


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