Friday, January 31, 2014

Week 59: Working Hard in the Small Pueblo in Mexico

Hey family!

How's everyone doing?  I hope good.

This week was pretty awesome! Here in tanquian, this little pueblo. I like it alot and all the people are really nice. But its really hard to learn the area and where everyone lives because all the streets look the same!! All dirt roads.  jaja

Im really liking it here and being the district leader is fun also. But there sure is a ton of work here in tanquian. A LOT OF WORK. theres a lot of less activos that we are working with and we have one investigador named Alverico. He is 15 and he is from Texas! haha he was born there and just reciently he moved to Tanquian to live with his grandparents. He speaks english perfectly and spanish perfectly. He is a cool kid and understands everything that we teach him. A lot better than most the people i have taught on my mission! A smart kid. He was going to go to church yesterday but we forgot to pass by his house to walk with him to the church. He told us after church that he was all ready, had his pants and his white shirt on and was waiting for us! BUt we never showed up! WE were so mad with ourselfs, but we now know what we got to do haha

Saturday we went to The city Valles for the zone conference. President Jordan went and taught us the plan for mexico that the 70s have. It was really interesting and gave me ganas or pumped me up for this year! And he taught us how we can find more people to teach, find new investigadors. Im really excited actually for this week! Its going to be good. President Jordan also talked about miracles. How they really exists, and shared a talk from Elder Holland. How Elder Holland can barely breathe that the profet and the apostle knows whats coming and the anxity of how much work we have left is crazy. That the Lord is really hastening his work and there are miracles.

The president talked about when Peter walked on the water to Jesus. And explained it really cool. He said when all the apostles saw Jesus they all freaked out then Jesus told them Peace, it is I. Then Peter asked if he could walk out to him. He explained that Peter had the faith to even ask. That he believed in Miracles. Then what Jesus said to the question Ven, which in spanish mean come but to everyone or in this case the apostles. And none of the apostles had the faith to walk on the water to jesus except for Peter.

It was really cool, obviously he explained it way better. I hope you all could feel the power from it haha.

Well i love you guys and i hope everyone has a good week!

Elder McNamara

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