Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Week 55: Christmas 2013 and Soon to Baptize Alfonso

Well this week was alright!  It was really good to talk to the family and katie (via Skype on Christmas Day).  All you guys look the same.  haha and you all sound wierd now.  Or im just used to the mexicans and I speak like one now apparently!  I think thats cool.

After we all talked, we went home and just went to bed.  Fun christmas right?  ha no not that much. Talking with you guys was like a bitter sweet experience.  It was awesome and all but after i missed everyone so much.  I couldnt focus for a couple days.  It was a little difficult thats for sure. But saturday night and sunday made it all better!

So saturday night was the interview for Alfonso. The sister missionaries were there as well because their investigator was being interview too.  So we were in the hall way talking and stuff then their investigator came out and passed but alfonso and the zone leader were still talking.  The sisters left and my comp and I were waiting and Alfonso finally came out.  He was all quiet and looked all down and stuff. Then he told us in a low soft voice.  Hey guys, i dont know....what day i can be baptized, firday or saturday?

My comp and I thought that he didnt pass by the way he looked so we were all feeling down then we realized what he said then we jumped out of our sits and gave him a hug. It was so good to hear that news. That took away my homesickness a little bit.

Then on sunday i was still feeling down and all. So in sacrament meeting one of the elders talked.  He talked about the work of salvation. Of the members working with the missionaries.  He is a convert and he told his story about his mom and how she was baptized. That she rejected the missionaries for years but the missionaries kept trying with her until she finally let them in the door and they taught her. She was later baptized along with her two sons.  The thing that touch me was when he said he is eternally gratefull for those two missionaries. That they completely changed his life.

I started to think about that and how my investigator, ALfonso will feel the same about me. That he will be eternally grateful for me finding him and changing his life through the gospel.  He didnt believe in God or christ, he drank, didnt have self confidince but he changed everything.  I honestly saw a miracle through my own eyes.

Thinking about that i was full of joy.  Just like the scripture in Doctrine and Convenants 18 thats says if you bring save it one soul unto me, how great will be your joy with him in the kingdom of my father.  I felt that joy and casted out all my homesickness.

Im so grateful to be here as a missionary.  Even if its really difficult at times.  Im here to bring souls unto chirst and i will have brought one to him on saturday at 6.  I will be okay if thats the only one i baptized my whole mission.  What an amazing feeling to see someone change and be part of it!

Well i love you all.  Write you next week.

Elder McNamara

we found a new part in our area. Las Chacas

"showering" Christmas Eve

washing my clothes.  We didnt have power so i washed them in our washer we made

Christmas Day

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