Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 61: Finding the "Prepared" in El Pueblo. Life is Good!

Hey guys,

Que les va?

Well this week was pretty bomb. It was a really good week for my comp and I. We have found so many new investigators! 10 in one week. Every since president jordan talk to us about there are people prepared and all we got to do is have the faith and actually believe theyre there! So i have been focusing on that thought the whole week, believing, praying, asking so we could find those people....and we did!

Its been awesome! I have had a really good attitude about everything and just happy and this week i have noticed the spirit guiding me even more. The best feeling one can have, the companionship of the holy ghost. And i got to give some of the credit to my comp, elder soto. He is one of the most obedient elders i have meet, no the MOST obedient elders i have meet and has really helped me be even that more obedient. Its so true that obedience bring blessings!

So we found this one investigator named Audo. He is about 17 years old and his brother is a less active member for about 15 years. His name is Uriel, and he has lived in the USA for like 10 years and was in the army. One day we were walking in the street and we past uriel but then he said something to me in english haha so i went and talked to him. And thats where everything started! When then taught his brother the first lesson and after 5 minutes he cousin walked in and sat down, then 5 minutes later his other cousin came in and sat down and later his uncle came in and sat down. haha  All our new investigators now! How awesome is that, ey?  2 of them have baptism dates for the 29 of march! Oh yeah. So we are going to prepare them for that.

We found another family contacting in the street. My comp and I believe that there are the people prepared that we were looking for. We taught them lesson one as well and the spirit was super strong. Its a little funny, while we were walking to their house my comp and i started to get nervous for the lesson, that hasn't happened to me since my first weeks in mexico, but the family understands really well. Its a young couple with 3 kids. They're really nice and all that good stuff.  We will see what happens this week with them!

So at church yesterday guess what i did?....I was presiding the meeting and my comp lead the meeting. I blessed the sacrament and my comp passed the sacrament, I gave a talk and my comp gave the other talk. My comp gave the first class and I gave the last class.   WE ARE THE BISHOPS HERE! Its all good though. The spirit was present, that's all that matters!

Thanks everyone for your emails. You know how mail is for missionaries!!! Julie im giving you a special shout out. YA YEA!! Can i just say that im so proud of you!! With your missionary moment with your friend. It touched my heart and im so happy you're doing what your doing. And yeah..guys are retarded. Ive told you that so many times.  haha

I love you all ...MOM, DAD, Michael, Brandon, and Julie!   Have a good week.

Elder David McNamara

making eggs with cut up hot dog at 6 in the morning.  haha do i look tired?

so we were walking in the street and passed this cow and it saw that i was eating some chips and started following me and came right up next to me so i fed it a chip. haha

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