Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 60: Watering the Small Branch and Praying to Connect "Converts"

Hey everyone,

Hows things going?  I hope things are going pretty well there!

Well this week for me was alright.  A little crazy and full of travel!  Its a little difficult here in this area. Just with finding new investigators and trying to help this small little branch.  Like yesterday guess how many people came to church....only 19, including us.

And the president ended sacrament early and ended church at 11:30 when church started at 10.  I was SO mad, but im doing good now.  We just have to teach our president here how to do things around here, no one said the mission was easy.

Last monday, we had an awesome lesson with a family that is ready to get sealed in the temple.  All they are waiting for is to talk with the stake president.  We taught them the restoration, and the spirit was so strong. They have 2 little girls with the ages of 9 and 8, they are so cute.  I got a picture book thing that i like to use to teach with little kids and the little girls loved it.

We taught about prophets and they knew about every single prophet that i had a picture for. haha  Then with the first vision they all were paying attention and the spirit was testifying to all of us and we ended it by talking a little about the temple, and thanks to the preisthood and everything we are able to be with our families forever.

Talking about the temple that time touched me more than usual.  When i was teaching some image popped in my mind, it was of the plaque for missionaries that says, "Leave your family for 2 years so that other families can be together forever."  I felt the spirit so strongly and thats so true!  Im here to help other families recieve the blessings of the temple so that one day i can have my own eternal family.  I have been thinking about that a lot this week.

So thursday morning the zone leaders called me and told me that i had to go to valles so that all of the leaders could go to Tampico.  So i went to tampico thursday and got there thursday night.  6 hours in the bus!!!  I was exhuasted but once we got there the assistants put together an actividad where we had to practice asking for references.  I learned some new tactics so thats good!  I got to see all my friends in the mission, its was nice.  My friends that are still in Huejutla and other missionaries ive meet.  We got to eat pizza from little ceasers, un buen de pizza!!!!!!!!! haha

Friday was the capacitacion por los lideres en la mision.  It was pretty good. i learned some things, and president jordan taught a little more about the plan for mexico.  He was also saying that a lot of missionaries have lost that spark of missionary work.  That they have lost the reason why they are here.  We are here to baptize converts!!  He put a lot of emphasis on that.  And friday night i stayed in valles with the zone leaders, and we didnt get back to our area, tanquian, until saturday morning!!

Sunday was good, execpt for church. We were looking for some reference we had and we went to this house to ask them if they knew where the person lived.  So i said buenas tardes buenas tardes, then the guy inside said, "I dont want anything! GO away."  haha   He only said that because he thought we were one of the people that sell bread or something like that.

Then my comp said we just have a question.  Then he came out and saw us and we started talking about soccer and his job and stuff.  It was a really smooth conversation. Then i started talking to him about the gospel and taught him a little about the book of mormon, and he seemed pretty interested.

Then i paused and thought for a second and i got the impression to share my testimony with him, so i did!  I told him that i knew the book of mormon is true and that this church is true. I stared him in the eyes saying that to him and i knew he felt the spirit. I felt covered with spiritual power in that moment!!  OHH YEAH!!  It was so cool.

Well that was my week. It was decent. I miss you family. I love you all. I got 3 packages this week. One from you mom, with those wierd toy things you sent, haha.  Then one from grandma and grandpa McFerson, and from grandma Donavan!  Thanks guys!

I also got a letter from Katie.  Thanks Katie, i really appreciate it.  It helped me out!

I Love you guys!

Elder McNamara

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