Thursday, February 20, 2014

Week 62: Encouraged by a Seventy on Valentine's Day

Hey everyone! Hows it going? 

This week was a ton of traveling also! We didnt have much time to work here in our area. And guess what else? Im going to tampico after i write this email to renew my visa for the last and final time! Wow the time really flies! 

So tuesday we all did super divisions. The whole zone just mixes and yeah haha so i stay in the city of Valles tuesday with an Elder named Elder Ortega from Puebla. He s new here in the misison and asked me a lot of things haha. The main thing that i was asked to teach him is how to contact. Because i guess that everyone says that i can get into any house haha It was a good time. 

We taught a woman that had listen to the missionaries like 2 years ago. we taught her the restoration again and it was a really spiritual lesson. I liked it a lot and she had never heard about the book of mormon?? How is that possible?  The other missionaries hadnt even taught her that. wow. So we taught her the book of mormon and she seemed pretty comitted to read it. 

Then afterwords we were looking for some referencias they had and we couldnt find them! Its so frusterating because there are never the names of the streets no where!! ANd i mean nowhere! And the numbers of the houses dont even make sense haha one house could be 110 and the one next to it can be 600. Really difficult to find referencias. So we started to ask around and i started contacting them haha we asked this one old man with like 50 años. I asked him and he didnt know then i started talking about him about whatever and the bottom line is that he invited us in his house haha I dont even remember what we talked about. After we left Elder Ortega was like (How the heck did you do that?) haha Then later that night we taught a less active family that i fell in love with the family in 20 minutes. They are so cool and really nice. I'll send a picture of me with them.  A really cool family.  

(This computer is not recognizing my camera connection, so I cannot send pictures this week.  Sorry.)

Wednesday were Interviews with President Jordan. We were there the whole day. I enjoy talking with president Jordan. He explained to me something that really touched me. He was talking about when Chirst died and was talking about the apostles and what they might be doing. He said that they were probably there in a house with the 11 there in silence. Thinking about what had just happened and becoming a true brotherhood. Putting there arms around each other and asking quietly..What do we do now?. Then they other 10 look to peter and asked, what do we do? And Peter saying I dont know and the others, Well Christ gave you all the keys for the church. And president asked me how do you think peter felt in this instant? I told him really overwhelmed. And then later the apostles going in the upper room and there was christ. WHen i was just imagining that those moments, the apostles coming closer to each other like a true brotherhood. Thats exactly how the mission should be. All the Elders and that how my district should be a brother hood. 

On Friday we went to Valles again because a 70 came to the stake! It was good because it was Valentines day and i didnt want to see all the couples in the street and all the love in the air hahaha so instead we listened to a 70.  He talked mostly about the ward counsel and how it should work. Which there is a ton of emphasis on ward consel here in Mexico, i dont know about the states though. And at the end he started talking about our scared calling as a misionary. How blessed we are to be servents of the lord when he is hastening the work!  He talked about how the apostles choose the mission of each missionary. That preaching the gospel is the duty of the apostles but theres only 12.  So thats why they call us. Young men and women, to preach the gospel.  Then that they send a special letter to the stake president of a missionary, giving the stake president apostolic keys to set apart the missionary.  And that we have the same sacred calling as the apostles.  Wow, what an amazing meeting.  He obviously said so many more things and said it better AND in spanish but thats just a little taste of what happened haa. 

Nombre!! Church this week was good and spiritual. The only thing is that there were only 11 people! Including us. Oh my gosh. Its pretty difficult here but we are moving along little by little. I dont know why or where it came from but these past 3 weeks I have had a ton of faith and ganas for my area. I honestly feel like this area is going to grow and explode with baptisms.  We just have to have the faith to see the miracles.  Like it says in Ether 12, God cant do any miracle unless there is faith. 

Have faith family and friends and youll see the miracles you need. I know my redeemer lives and im happy to be a missionary! Love you all.

Elder McNamara 

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