Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 64: God is Real, and He Truly Knows and Loves You

Hey guys!

Today were changes and my comp left and I received a new comp here in good ol tanquian. My new comp is actually my old comp that i had in Soto la Marina haha Elder Nieto again! OOOOHHHH YEEAAHH. He was one of my favorite companions and im really excited and we are going to raise this area.

So this week was alright.  We haven't been able to find our investigators in their houses and we haven't been able to teach them. What a bummer, but we have been doing our home teaching;  haha, yeah coming all the way to mexico to do some home teaching.  haha.  It's all good though.  The members are really cool here and nice. So that's always good.

On monday, we went to Micos a waterfall place, which i think i already told you guys. So cool then on tuesday i did divisions with my zone leader and wednesday i did divisions with an elder in my district, Elder Rawlins. He has the same time as me and those divisions that we did were so fun.  We are definitely are good friends and we made some plans to hang out after the mission.  He's from Utah, haha, like all gringos here.

So thursday was special because Presidente Johnson came to the mission. And who is presidente johnson? Hes a 70 alright. So we learned from him that day.  He talked to us about our Heavenly Father and that he has a body of flesh and bones. Then he asked us if any of us have prayed about that. About no one has. He explained about the importance about an investigator actually knowing the characteristics of God. To have their faith in something real.  Then he told us to pray that night for 5 things:  1) if GOD really exists  2) If he has a body of flesh and bones 3) If you are a child of god  4) If he knows whats happening in your life, what your going through  5) And if he loves you.

Wow, i felt the spirit strongly when he explained those things.  I really needed it because that whole week i was feeling a little down, and couldn't recognize the spirit that much, but when he talked about that i felt it strongly.  To have a 70 talk to you is so awesome.

Then we practiced teaching about God and his love for us and his plan and that we are able to become like him.  And some elder asked a sweet question.  One person said that she didn't believe that they could become like god, he is everything. Then the elder said, If you believe you're a daughter of god and that he created you, then why do you think you're nothing?  Boom!

So yesterday, Sunday i had a really spiritual experience.  So the president of the Branch asked us if we could go to his cousin's house in another town like 20 minutes away to give him a blessing, because he was just diagnosed with cancer.  I had to ask for permission to go, but we taught a lesson and in the closing prayer I had the impression that i had to give the blessing, and give a blessing of full recovery.

So i asked for permission, and so they allowed us. Then we went, and when i entered the room the spirit just hit me so strongly.  One of the strongest times.  I felt again that i needed to give the blessing for full recovery. So i explained to the man that the blessing will work according to his faith, and my comp then asked if the man believed if we had the authority to do it.  The man shoke his head. Then my comp turned to me and said that he was going to do the first part and i was going to give the blessing. After he told me that he felt strongly that i had to give it.

So then i gave him the blessing.  I blessed in the name of  Jesus Christ that he would be healed completely of his sickness.  I felt the spirit the whole time while i was giving the blessing.  Then we ended it. Then i told the man again just to make it clear that if he has faith in the blessing we gave him that he will be healed 100 percent in the name of Christ.  Then we left... WOW what an experience.  I was so grateful for that.

I love you all, like always.

Grandma i did get those peanut butter chew things!  They were so good.  I got them exactly on Valentine's day!  Muchas gracias grandma!

Until next week.
Elder McNamara

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