Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 66: March 17, 2014: St. Patrick's Day (Not in Mexico)

Hey guys!

Hows everyone doing?   I hope good.

This week not much happened.  You know just preaching the gospel and trying to find new people to teach and all that fun stuff.  Elder Nieto and I get along really well.  I'm definitely learning a lot from him.  Because he was a Zone leader he now his teaching me how to become a better leader.

I'm loving the mission like always.  Growing my testimony about the Savior and the gospel.  It's so true what they say that the mission prepares one for the rest of their life.  I know that's true.

So this Wednesday we had zone conference.  The zone leaders asked me and Elder Nieto to teach part of the class so we taught about how to have better contacts in the street.  I really liked teaching in front of the 20 missionaries.  On the last change I was asked to teach as well.  I'm liking it!

I also got a letter from Katie. and a package from Julie!  Thanks girls for that.  Julie your card made me laugh so hard!  With the couple watching the elephant. oh my gosh hahah   I really laughed a lot.  Thanks for that because it lifted my spirits, it came just in the time that I needed it.

I'm pumped for general conference in the next couple of weeks!  I love it now and cant wait to hear the prophet speak.  Tommy Monson is awesome haha

Sorry that this letter is so short.  Just not too much happened!

Love you all.

Elder McNamara

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