Thursday, December 6, 2012

Week 1 Complete: Letter from David

Hola familia!,

Well looks like i have no emails from anybody. Thats okay. its 6:30 right now on thursday which is my P day if you haven't got my letters yet. I've sent 3 letters to you guys but nothing back? It took me 5 days to get that letter from julianne so i guess it takes 5 days! 

Well if you haven't gotten my letters yet. guess what? Im district leader for my district! yaya. This week has been a roller coaster. Having fun sometimes, doing okay the other times, and then at night....yeah kind of bad at night. I really miss you guys and katie alot! I can't stop thinking about Katie. I love her so much and everything reminds me of her. Sometimes I have doubts if she will really wait for me, but I know she will. or atleast hope she will. 2 years is a really long time. any advice on that? 

Today im fasting and we're going to the temple so Im going to pray about katie. She is the love of my life and please, PLEASE stay in contact with her and her family. I REALLY want her to be there when I get back.  Thank you all for praying for me! I can really feel the strength from the prayers. Thats cool dad that you got the blog site up! please tell katie about it! 

Brandon thank you for the letter you sent me! it really meant a lot. I love you man so much and going to miss my bestfriend too! 

Julie thank you so much for your letter! it made me cry haha it really touched my heart what you said in it. Its true we have always been at each others side. You have always made me laugh when im sad too! Im glad your friend is helping you with me being gone! thank you for being my sister! Hows school, dance, and friends? Text katie every once in awhile and ask her hows shes doing okay? will you please do that? By the way I aced your little quiz you made for me. 

(Dad takes David, Katie, Brandon, and Julianne to Sea World in San Diego the weekend before David entered the MTC.)

Now time to talk about spanish. for the first week the teacher ONLY spoke to us in spanish! The first couple of days I didn't understand a thing he was saying haha but on the 3rd day I started to understand him! it was crazy, i got a little proud of myself for understanding the teacher and a few seconds after I got pridful is when i couldn't understand him anymore. Also on the 3rd day is when we had to teach an "investigator" spanish! he only spoke spanish, really fast spanish. so me and my comp. couldnt understand a thing. 

We read a few sentances from our spanish book and then left haha it was really awkward. Then the next day we had to teach him again (his name is Adith) so we prepared a little about prayer and we were going to teach him about prayer. We prayed before we went in there that we would be able to undedrstand Adith. And guess what? we understand most of what he was saying. And earlier we learned how to say a prayer in spanish! so i said the opening prayer, in spanish! then we tried to teach him about prayer. 

Then monday we did better with the lesson and with spanish and asked him to read the book of mormon so we gave him one! Awesome! we were so happy when that happened! Then yesterday we taught him. We asked him a few questions like what he thought about the book of mormon. Que esta su pesamientos sabre el libro de mormon. Then we tried our best to understand his response. then we didnt know where to go with that so i felt like we should have him read the first vision. So he did and i asked him if he felt the espiritu. he said he did. and then we got him to pray at the end! oh yeah! so today we are going to ask him if he would get baptized! hopefully he accepts! wish us luck.

My comp is really cool. His name is Elder Griffiths. He's from Logan utah and he is pretty much like me! We get along really well and we always quote movies. its awesome. he has a girlfriend too so that kinda helps. He is becoming my best friend! we'll hopefully i get a response from any of you guys! I love you ALL! So much

Elder McNamara

p.s. I got a lot of people to call me Elder Mac cause they don't know how to say McNamara right haha

Dad's Editorial Note:  Both Susan (his mother) and I, have both sent David letters (and emails), and apparently David has not received them yet.  Boo!  :(

Below is Katie on the first night after sending David into the MTC.   Ice cream helps the pain.  :)

Later during David's first week, she posted the following on Facebook, with the statement:
"I love and miss this boy more and more each day!"

If you wish to send David a letter, here is his address:

Elder David McNamara
MTC Mailbox #105
Mex-Tamp 0128
2005 N  1900 E
Provo, UT  84604


  1. I'm very discouraged that David did not receive my email that I sent him the day before he checked his emails. What? Do they not go through? Hmmmm.. I guess I'll need to send him letters old school style.

  2. Keep sending emails and snail mail!!! Katie sent him an email and he did get it... That is so strange that he didn't get yours! I think she sent to I've heard missionaries say that the mail and emails they receive is the "fuel" that keeps them going!!! David sounds great! We love that kid!