Thursday, December 20, 2012

Week 3: Complete: Letter from David

Dear Family,

I miss all you guys! I love all you guys! How are you guys doing!? i love all the letters from each one of you. you may think they are boring but theyre not! I dont have anything for entertainment here besides spanish books and the book of mormon. Those are some good things but its a good break to read letters from home! Can you guys write me through Dear elder instead of email? because reading the emails waste my time that i have on the computer but in mexico i think it'll change and it will be easier to email then but now..yeah

Thank you mom for your letters! I think its okay to write me in sacrament meeting haha i dont know. how's your health now? are you feeling a little better? I miss you so much. I going to miss you for christmas but i'll be okay here. your idea for Katie's christmas present sounds awesome!!! I love that you and everyone else loves katie! cause she's going to be in our family forever!

Dad I got both of your Dear Elders thank you! I'm kinda jealous you got to see the hobit even if it was "okay" haha i miss watching movies or even TV! haha Im glad you got the pictures from Katie. I thought it would be easier to sent them to her and have her email them. yeah i would like a photo of both of us! I will definately hang it up on my board! You right i got a bunch of goodies from katie! she spoils me here haha I have so much candy and chips that i dont know what to do with it haha  

Everyone except 3 in my district are going to Mexico, the other 3 are going to ecuador? i dont know how to spell it. But just me and my comp. are going to Tampico. the others are going to different places in Mexico. The 2 samoans in the picture they just left on tuesday to the Peru MTC. but oh man they were a handful here. They knew some english and they were always loud and didnt listen to anyone! haha it was stressful cause i am the District leader so i tried to help them but it was very difficult. but now they are gone haha. 

Michael I miss ya man! I saw your email today but i saw that you sent it last week! I must have gotten off before you sent it! But thats awesome your arm is coming back! Go PRO baby! thank you for your letter. HOw are you? how much you benching now? haha

Brandon, thanks for your letter and drawings haha they were funny and cool! The one with the missionary half machine was freaking sweet! I liked it a lot! How are you doing? did you end up going to the single ward? you should! there might be normal people there in California haha

julie! how is school? dance? your friends? I miss you little sister! haha little momma! 

Well, my 3rd week went by fast! Time here flies! a day seems like forever but a week seems like a day. its so wierd! Well on saturday one of the missionaries in my district shared a quote by somebody that i really liked  "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men and women do nothing" its pretty interesting, you guys take away what you want from it but definately thing about it. 

My comp and I taught Angel again. We got him to read the Book of Mormon and to come to church with us! haha but he asked us where the church was and we didnt know what to say haha so i said Tampico and then he said where? tampico is huge haha we just started laughing so we just said come with us and show you where it is. which obviously is just a role play investigator so we were caught of guard haha 

Saturday was alright but i was getting frusterated with the 2 samoans because they werent following some of the rules so i tried to kindly tell them and help them lovingly to follow the rules but they didnt listen to me haha and I was done because the mail room was closed in the afternoon so i didnt get any mail besides I got a package from grandma donvan. Which she wrote me a letter in it and it was one sentence long hahahhah it said im glad i taught you to run fast, you be a good missionary. love grandma. thats it haha but can you tell her thank you from me! she also had some food in there that was good. 

Well anyways saturday during gym one of the samoans got in a fight with this one kid. We were playing basketball and the samoan was showing up this kid (which the kid was a d bag and thought he was so cool cause he played high school basketball) so the kid was getting mad and fouled the samoan badly! so after the samoan, his name is ELder togia. he got so mad and straight up said you want to fight lets go, ill kill you. He was being serious. samoans dont take crap from anyone thats for sure. 

SO the samoan threw the ball at the kids feet and then the kid threw the ball back HARD at Togias face it was about to go down but me and my comp stopped it somehow haha but the rest of the day togia was getting all his samoan friends and getting them all pumped up to beat up that one kid. oh man i was stressed out but laughin at the same time cause the kid desired it but anyways...I also got a christmas card from the welch's! tell them thank you please! 

Sunday some guy from the 70 spoke but i fell asleep haha im always tired here! Its so hard to stay awake sometimes but i remember one part he said that the apostles have "Elder" as part of their calling and we (missionaries) shared that with them. So i thought that was really cool! And they said like if your learning a certain language raise your hand and guess what?! Most elders here are learning SPANISH more than half the MTC. And they said coming January 1st there will be SOOO many more missionaries coming and a ton of new sister missionaries. ITs going to be crazy here real soon! then at night we watch a church movie. Im starting to like them now cause its all i got here! the only movies haha dont think im wierd now! 

MOnday i cant remember what happened haha but tuesday was good. During one of our lesson, teaching the investigator i wanted to say something important to him and I knew how to it in english but i only knew how to say the first word in spanish. But I started saying it in spanish and the spanish just came out of me! I said exactly what i wanted to say and said it pretty fast! theres some scripture that says something like this...I will help you in the very moment you need it , just open your mouth and i shall filled it with the power of the holy ghost... oh man it was awesome! 

Well thats about all the cool things that has happened to me this past week! Now its start of week 4! crazy i know. Merry Christmas. Im going to miss being with everyone on christmas dont worry to much about me. ill be okay or atleast try to be okay. I love you all! 


p.s. Stay in contact with Katie please! I love her 

If you wish to send David a letter, here is his address:

Elder David McNamara
MTC Mailbox #105
Mex-Tamp 0128
2005 N  1900 E
Provo, UT  84604

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