Thursday, December 27, 2012

Week 4 Complete: Letter from David


Well I've been out for 4 weeks and 1 day now! That has gone by pretty fast. Before you know it ill be out for a year with 15 baptisms! haha i hope. well anyways I love all of you!

Mom- What does it say or whatever on the necklace you got katie?  SO the house is all done?  Thats awesome! How does it look? That story you told me of you and dad, pregnant with MIchael, all by yourselfs without your guys family. that makes me think that in the very near future that same story can be katie and I! haha it true! I cant wait.

I love you mom and thank you for your dear elder.  Oh and those tie you sent me where pretty cool but the material that there were made out of was retarded. It was like paper, I couldnt tie it! haha that was a waste of 15 dollars a tie. Sorry!

Julie- Thank you for you letter cute little girl! actually your almost as tall as me! Thats crazy! Im sooo happy you're making more friends and that they are becoming your best friends! I wont worry anymore about you! Im so proud of you for inviting your friends to young womens with you! Thats so cool Julie! They might come to church with you and get baptized! You never know! You're a blessing in their lives! And by the will never get as many coins as I had! haha I love you.

Dad- Thank you for your package thing! I dont need anymore food for now, I got a ton haha and deffinately no more candy! Im over loading with candy! I barely even eat it so it just piles up haha, Those silly, retarded games grandma makes us play actually turn out to be fun in the end!  Remember when Katie and I came down to california in July and we played shurades ( how ever you spell it) and How me and Michaels skit thing was so funny but we look and sounded retarded hahaha i miss those times! That old english quiz you gave me..yeah I have no idea haha stick with the spanish quizes!

Brandon and Michael- I love you guys a lot! Im so grateful that I have you both as my brothers. you both are like my best friends! Remember who you are and What your potential is! I love you both!

Well Christmas night we had a talent show and the coolest thing was some missionary performed with his yo-yo! It was sweet! haha everyone stood up and yelled and screamed! haha it was pretty awesome! Then we had a fireside with Greg Olsen or something like that. He is the guy who paints all the paintings for the church. What he said was pretty interesting but not enough because I fell asleep haha

Then we watched the movie "Its a wonderful Life" in color. I love that movie and its now my favorite movie! and That movie will be the last movie I see for 2 years haha I loved the movie so much and I just thought about katie the whole time watching it! ( which what doesnt make me think of Katie) haha

Yesterday was alright...actually it sucked. I was homesick pretty badly. I could barely focus during class or study time. I still learned spanish and tried hard but I was homesick and sad. It was the first christmas away from all of you! It sucked and I am away from Katie! its hard!!!

But my teacher near the end of class noticed that something was wrong with me so he talked with me. He helped me by giving me questions to think about and ponder. " Why does the Lord need me?" "what does the Lord want me to become?"

Then we talked a little about the questions. He ran track in high school and a year in college before his mission. so we talked about track! haha it was nice and i could always go for a talk about track haha it was nice (yes I know Im weird)

That made my day slightly better. but once I got the mail. And I got 4 letters and a package....OH BABY! That made my day soooo much better! A letter from Katie and from my fam. always makes my day! haha

My comp poops ALOT hahaha he destroys the toliets here its pretty funny. Our whole zone gives him props for the best pooper haha but he also swears sometimes which bother me and I try to help him. I just say come on man. Thats all... Im mean we're missionaries. seriously! and swearing in general is retarded!! I hate it! Well I thought you guys should know that! haha

WEll, Sounds like you guys had a fun Christmas! I love all of you! Thank you for staying in touch with Katie! It really helps her when she's missing me and having a bad day! I love her and you Familia!

Till next week


If you wish to send David a letter, here is his address:

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His Estimated Leaving Date is Jan 28, 2013.


Elder David McNamara
MTC Mailbox #105
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2005 N 1900 E
Provo, UT 84604

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