Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 39: Falling Into Water-Filled Holes on Dirt Roads

Hey family!

Is it me or has these past 5 weeks flown by? I think so!! It honestly feels like my new comp just got here but that was just a little longer than a month ago! And i have been 20 for a month...OH YEAH!! 

Well right now we are in the city of Victoria writing because we came here for our P day to play soccer!! President just barely changed the rules about playing soccer. Before we couldnt but now we can. It was so much fun playing actually. All the latinos are so good at it, its kinda ridiculous. But i made a few goals...yeah.
Anyways this past week flew by. It has been rainng a TON this past week. Even more than it did the week before. So on Thursday it started raining like crazy all day. And it contuned to rain all night and all day friday! I guess there was some cyclone that hit mexico in the south or something.

Anyways on friday my comp and i left to our first cita. Which was so far away from our house that we have to go and walk on dirt roads. So we were walking for about 20 mintues and we get to this one spot on the road where there were a ton of holes with water and it was raining hard. so my comp stood there thinking how he was going to pass it, so he decides to jump the hole and...BOOM just lands and slips and falls into another hole  hahah i just started cracking up and pointing and laughing at him. 

So i look and find another way and i took like 5 steps just laughing at him and...BOOM i slip and fall into a hole hahah karma came back and hit me hard. So we were muddy the whole day. Just one side of our leg and our butts all muddy haha  All of our lessons we had people asking what happened and they all just laughed at us.

So this Lalo we have been teaching is progressing a lot. He is changing and you can see the change in his face. Its pretty cool to see and notice that in people! He has been coming to church and having lessons with us. He reminds me of michael and brandon put together. I feel like he is my brother. He has ganas to reactivate!

We are also teaching another investigador named Letty. She is a humble laddy and has had a lot of stuff happen to her. She has 2 little kids. But she has recieved her answer already! About the book of mormon and the stuff we have taught her! She tolds us that when we talk with her she feels something pretty and unique in her chest that she has never felt before! When i heard that i just smiled so big!! It was awesome to hear that. I felt the spirit as she tried to describe what she was feeling. A cool missionary moment!

Well this is the last week of the change. This will complete 3 changes here in soto. So the chances are for me that i might get moved out of this town. But who knows. Anything can happen. Im just here to learn and for the journey!:) I love you mom, dad, michael, brandon, and julie!

Elder David McNamara

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