Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week: 39:6/7th Writing a Day Early Due to Approaching Hurricane!

Hey mom and dad!

Well I don't if you guys know or not but there's a small hurricane coming our way. It will hit here tonight (Sunday) or tomorrow.  We were told to write our family to say that every thing is going to be alright. And that we won't be writing our family until Wednesday.

The mission gave us all these precautions. We going to be in the church at 6 tonight haha  it's been raining a ton! Theres some streets that are honestly like rivers! Ha kinda crazy.  Everything is going to be good. I'm a missionary and everything is taken care of.  we baught food last night and us 4 missionaries are sticking together in the church here in soto la marina.  The switched the transfers until Wednesday so I might be changed but who knows!

I love you guys. 

This past week was good a lot of rain. 

My feet and shoes have been soaked for about 4 days straight. 

I'll write more on Wednesday

Love you all

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