Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 40: Hurricane Hits Tampico, Mexico and David Gets Transferred

Hey family!!!

What up guys! This past week was pretty awesome. Well the hurricane was kinda crazy.  It destroyed the beach town that is 40 minutes from soto, called La Pesca.  But after it hit there it went from a hurricane to a tropical storm.  So in the morning on monday at like 6 it hit soto and it was so windy and raining a ton for about 3 hours then it stopped. 

The river that is there grew a ton from all the water.  But later that day at 4 i got a call from the asitants that i was changing areas and had to leave on the bus at 5 30.  So i had to pack ALL my stuff in like 30 not know how i did it! haha   

then Like 20 minutes before the bus left it started raining a ton..a ton!! And we left the town onto Victoria. But guess what? Soto La Marina flooded after we left! The water was up to the knee in some parts and the river raised even more that it destroyed a lot of houses, and a lot of members are now sleeping in the church like 22 people. 

(Hermano Benito, here on the left is probably living in the church right now in Soto de Marina; as his home is probably destroyed from the hurricane.)  

They closed off the highways to the town right after we left! What a miracle. BUt im going to miss that area. 

I had a lot of fun and it was awesome. SO we worked in Victoria for a day, yesterday, and now i finally arrived in my new area! Its called Huejutla in the state of Hidaglo. Its about the most south of the mision. haha from the most north to the most south! Pretty cool. It looks pretty cool so far. 

Its in a mountain area and its all green and houses on the hills. Ill send pictures next week because i dont have my cord to put them on here! My new comp is Elder Garcia. He is cool and i got raised to be the Senor Companion! Oh yeah. Im excited to be working in this new area. 

Oh when we got to victoria monday night it was crazy to see all the water in the streets! It was honestly a full on raging river haha! There were cars stuck and the water was almost past the tires on the cars there. Look for videos on youtube of When it rains in victoria tampualipas, or something like that. One of the craziest things i have seen! 

I cant really remember what we did last week, so i dont know what to write about. But julie your are going to be 16!!! TOMORROW OH MY GOSH, how do you feel crazy girl! I cant believe your 16 and a junior in high school. Where has the time gone? be careful around those guys! You seem like your getting guy crazy...oh man. haha 

dad thats cool that you and michael are getting going in usana! That sounds exciting. I for sure want to join the team and make some bank. 

Brandon man, keep rocking those minds in college and work your butt off in it man!  I love you guys 

And mom!!!  I love you. Keep working to get those flabby arms in shape  hahaha i laughed pretty hard when i read that,  And have fun all of you at Julies party! 


Elder McNamara

David with Elder Gregory who is probably already home .... finished with his two years!

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