Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 42: It's Raining, It's Pouring ... No, Wait, That's Me!

8 6 7 5 3 0 niiine.....That song just came into my head as i was thinking about what i should write haha 

Can i just say it been SOOOO HOOOOTTTT here? I have sweated more than i have in my life i swear. 

So like a couple days ago in the morning we had a cita up in the mountains. So we go and start our dreadful ascend up the mountain. In pictures you just cant imagine whats it like. It took about 30 minutes from the bottom until half way up.  By then it was like sweat just flowlying freely from my pours. Then we had to slowly climb in the street to the members house. It was like a water hose flowly out of my pours. I honestly have never sweated like that in my entire life! haha It was the worst. 

My pants were all dark from the sweat and my tie was starting to drip with sweat. haha im not even kidding. And what is it..Pretty much Octubre? Theres streets that lead up the mountain just to let you know but the incline is about 70 degrees and cars have trouble going up. 

Enough about my dreadful experience with the heat and mountains. By the way im just sitting here sweat while i write. 

Anyways this week was pretty good. We had some good lessons. We are teaching some couple named Julian and Lucero. Julian is a less active member and his girlfriend is not a member. Shes pregnant and is due on the 7 of octubre. They are a cool couple. They live right off of the stairs of hell. Just about half way up next to the stairs. We are trying to help them get married so she can get baptized. He is like president of his colonia or like nieghborhood. So he spends a lot of time with goverment stuff in his colonia.

With them i used a scripture that i thought i would never use in my mission. Its in 4 Nefi 1:14 or around there. It say ¨Se casaban y se daban en matrimonio y fueron bendicidos con la multitud de promesas que el señor les habia hecho¨  They really like that and i testified of how the relationship between a couple is even stronger and better when based in the gospel and when the are married the lord blesses their marriage just for the fact of being married. But still have to complete with their own duties. 

In one of the lessons we had this week. We were teaching the restoration, joseph smith and the book of mormon. And while we were teaching all of the sudden i remembered when i went to efy there at Kirtland ohio. And how i had visited all the early church sites and how i felt the spirit there and when i gained my testimony about Joseph Smith. 

I had the spirit re affirmed my testimony about those things and i shared my testimony with the Recent Convert that we were teaching. Didnt seem like it effected her really but it strengthen my testimony again thats for sure! It was really good to have that. 

So at church yesterday. Well they are pretty slow at getting everything ready here. The Sacrament wasnt set up until 9 15 when church was supposed to start at 9. And it is a little dis organized here. We got to change that here. But the president of the branch after the sacrament all of the sudden asked me to share something with the Branch. HE didnt tell me anything about that or that he wanted me to say something. 

So i stand up button one button on my suit ( thats the style, learn from me) and walk up to the stand. I just told them my name where im from and that im excited to work with them. Then i shared my testimony for like 5 minutes. I was kinda nervous becuase theres like 80 people here compared to Soto La Marina with 30 haha. 

Well that was my week. 
I love you all.

Elder McNamara

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