Saturday, November 9, 2013

Week 47: From Dia de los Muertos to the Resurrection of Christ

How are you guys doing?  I hope great!

This week was pretty well. I really like my new companion Elder Santeliz. He is quiet most of the time and has a soft voice but hes cool. We get along pretty well. He has 9 months in the mission so i have to show him and teach him a few more things. I like it though. I have to talk a lot more and lead around. Like in the lessons and stuff. I like the challenge and I feel a lot more comfotable teaching.

I think I have felt the spirit more this week in the lessons than I have before in my whole mission. Just because I have to rely so much more on the spirit than i have before. Its so cool to be let by the spirit.

I think it just hit me how comfortable I am with Spanish now. I speak well and fast like the people here haha just with an american accent and i can understand everything. Im definately blessed with that.

This week lesson wise was a little difficult. Difficult to find the people in their houses or just know with who we should go with. We went with an investigator that we have that has been taking the lessons from the missionaries for years now.  And we showed up at their house and he was drunk.....we prepared a lesson for him and everything but we didnt teach him obviously because he wouldnt remember it  so we talked a bit and with his son that was there. His son actually seemed interested so we set up a cita and left.

Another day we contacted a reference that Elder Garcia and I recieved like 5 weeks ago.  She is such a sweet lady.  She is in her 50s, she has red hair (like Katie, haha) and is really nice. We sat on her front pourch and started talking about her family and her job and stuff.  And then how she has felt blessed in her life.  She has some really cool stories and she really has been so blessed in her life. I think everyone is!  They just need to take some time and look back and the miracles that have happened.

We started teaching her the resturation.  It was a good lessons but got even better when we started talking about when Cristo was here and about the atonement.  She started crying when we talked about that and shared our testimonys of christ.  Then we shared the Jose smith story and she started crying again when we shared the first vision.  the spirit was just so strong!!  She accepted a book of mormon and said she was going to read it.  We have another lesson with her on friday.  We´ll see how it goes!

Well last night we taught a couple who just had thier baby. And now they are going through problems in their relationship. they are on the point to get married. But they are having fights and stuff and they lack communication between them. Like the guy, Julian, comes home and eats and goes a sleeps and they dont even talk to each other or say i love you or any lovey dovey words towards each other.

So last night I had to be a marriage counsiler for them, because my comp didnt know what to say. I asked them questiones like what did they like first like about each other and what did they do before with one another and questiones like that.

Then i shared with them about Katie! I talked about our relationship and how much we care for each other. because we have the same amount of time together as them. It seemed to help them and we left and they were finally talking to each other!

I never thought that i would talk about katie in a lesson, but i did and it helped them a lot!

So that was my week pretty much! want to hear some gross things i have eaten this week? Im going to rate them with first being the one i kinda liked better to the last being i couldnt stand it one bit.

1st Chicken feet...It actually wasnt to bad a taste, just when it reached my stomache i wanted to throw up
2nd Pig stomache... really really gross! I didnt even chew it, i just swollowed the pieces whole haha
3rd Cow stomache...I tasted it and about threw up on the spot. I refused to eat it!!

So their was my menu for the week. Saturday night i threw up at like 1 in the morning. I felt so sick to the
stomache and it was the worst throw up i have ever had in my life!! Then i threw up again at 6 and i felt like poop the rest of the day and a little today! But i will be all good!

Here's a picture of the Mexican Halloween in the Huasteca!  Here its called Dia de los Muertos or in the native laungue Anauctl its called Xantolo.

I love you all. Have a good week!

Elder McNamara

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