Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 48: One Year to Go! Now Returning Home November 10, 2014 ...Wow!

Hey Guys! hows everyone doing? I hope well.

This week was really good. I have been in a wierd, happy, crazy mood pretty much all week haha  Our area is a little difficult right now.  Honestly no one is there in their houses when we go there, what a coincidense huh?  Its pretty frusterating.  So what else can we do?  Contact people in the street and the houses.

This week I contacted 14 people.  That only the people that I actually had a converstion with, the other people that flat out rejected me and just went back inside i didnt count or can count how many!  HA  So im becoming pretty pro at contacting random people and starting a conversion from nothing and moving it towards the gospel!  Its kinda fun and interesting to learn about the peoples lifes.

Friday the district leader did divisiones with me.  He came to our area to check how we were working and how we can help.  I love my district leader.  He is crazy and so cool.  His name is Elder Marecus and he is from Paraguay.  So all our citas fell through...nothing out of the ordinary.  So we went around looking up referencias and contacting.  SO we go to this one house in the mountains to look up this one person and she wasnt there but her mom was.  And her mom barely spoke spanish.  She speaks the native language here, Nahualt.

So all of the sudden Elder Marecus starts speaking the natvie language asking questions and stuff.  He has been in this area the same time as I, but he learned the other language.  By the way he speaks english, porteguesse, spanish. and some other language.  So that surprised me.  He asked her if she believed in God and if she knew that god loved her.  She said no to both and told us to leave..okay esta bien!  But i learned how to say I know that God lives...Nai mati toteco estok... its a way hard language.

Oh also with my district leader we were talking in the morning about what we did before the mission and stuff and somehow we got to talking about doing backflips and we started practicing them in our house haha We both can do them and I have videos of it haha its pretty cool and crazy.

This week we didnt have any cool lesoons.  Just the normal.  But a service moment.  Ready?  here i go.  So yesterday we were up in one of the mountains in our area going to a cita we had but it fell through.  I had no idea where to go because everything in our agenda fell through so i decided that we where going to go to the other mountain.  SO we had to go down this slope with a few rocks in place as steps but there arent really any.

There were this teenage kids in front of like 16 17 years old laughing and stuff.  then they started to climb the stairs on the other mountain.  By the way the stairs are the worst to climb.  The picture i sent like last week with the stairs and trees and all behind..those stairs.  The teenage kids started to climb them and there was this women in her 40 or 50 with her little daughter beside here.  She was carrying a huge bag of corn on her head!!

I watched to see if the kids were going to help her but nope!  So i ran up the rest of the stairs to help her.  I asked her if i could help her and she didnt say anything, then i said it again but at the same time took the bag off her head...and OH MY GOSH the bag wieghed about 100 pounds!  I about dropped it because i didnt expect it to be that heavey, i mean she was carrying it on her head.  So i carry it down the insane stairs and to her house there in the valley.  Then i asked her if we could past by some day and talk a little bit and she said yes.  But the lesson there is to help people!!  Especially the teenagers these days. ( Im 20 now so ya haha)

Remember the women martha that we taught last week.  We werent able to teach her this week but guess what???  She came to church!!  One of the members in our area past by and brought her to church.  I was so excited that she was there and so happy!  I never thought that someone coming to church would make me so excited and pumped!  haha but she enjoyed everything especially the hyms and i was watching the whole time haha she sat up front.

And she got all emoincioal during the sacrament.  It was awesome!  After she said that the whole meeting she felt an imense peace inside her that she has never felt in her life. That she felt safe, happy, and at ease. What a testimony right there.  Its so awesome and amazing to see others experience the joys of the gospel for the first time in their lifes.  It builts my testimony just seeing it!

This past week has been pretty cold actually.  Or i have gotten used to the crazy hot heat.  But on thursday it rained all day and was cold and i got soaked and was freezing the whole day.  ANd the next day i woke up with a cold haha  Its been really cool in temperature here.  Its nice and i like it!  Just not my annoying running nose.

Thanks for your emails and your love!
I love you all!

Elder McNamara


Just so you know i will be home on November 10th of 2014!!
Just a little update for ya.
I will send you a hand written letter next week for your birthday dad!
I promise!  I love you dad
Oh, and I'm a artist with soup haha

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