Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 50: "What We Do in Life, Echoes in Eternity"

Okay just awesome today opening my email.  Because i got news of 3 mission calls!!  How awesome. A shout out to my cuz blake going to Africa.  Thats so awesome and cool!  then my friend Adam going to Australia so cool too!  And lindsay getting her call any day now.  Im proud of all of them. Nothing better than to serve a mission at this time in your life!

I enjoyed reading everyones letters today.  Mom thats game of the Bucks sounded so cool!  I kinda forgot about football  haha  but i miss watching the bucks play and even more when they are winning!  And thanks about the lesson you had on sunday!  Interesting about how the blacks came to have the preisthood, i dont know that much about it!  Dad with your crazy 12 day trip for USANA and thanks for your advice!!  I really liked it;  and yeah i remember the Guzowskis (however you spell it) when i used to play with the daughter my age!

This week was pretty good!  Again my compa and I get along really well!  I feel like he could be brandon or michael because we always make random, wierd noises in the house and in the streets with stupid faces haha its awesome.  And sense we get along really well our teaching is that much better and we can feel the spirit. We are really raising this area more than it has been for awhile!

This week nothing to exciting like the past 2 weeks. We had interviews with president Jordan. It was good and he taught me some new things that im going to put into pratice!  We taught Alfonso on tuesday and he is still going strong like ever.  We could only teach him once last week because he had a lot of work to do in his job.  But guess what?  He came to church again!!!  Woohoo.  And guess what else?  He has read all the way to ! Nefi 12 in 2 weeks.  More than what i read haha  how awesome is that.

We are going to teach him tonight so pray for him!  Oh i just remembered.  In this lesson last week we had him pray at the end the lesson., well we do every lesson, but this time was special.  We had him ask God directly if the things we have taught him are true.  And he did but he also asked about his baptism if he should continue on and when he asked that he like paused for a second and we could all feel the spirit and he tried to go on to finish but he couldnt, he almost started to cry but held it in.  SO he ended the prayer.

It was so powerful prayer.  I have never felt the spirit or see the spirit touching someone time after time like i have with  Alfonso.  He is really prepared  to hear the gospel.  And i feel so blessed to be the person to help him!  The next morning i was thinking about it and just felt so grateful that the Lord is using me to teach His children.  Im so grateful to be here on my mission, what a blessing in my life and it will be for my future family ;)

The mission really turns boys into men.  Yes im saying im a Man now   haha.

What we do in life, echoes through eternity!

Love you all,
Elder David McNamara

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