Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 49: Cold Day in Mexico, but the Spirit of God Burns Bright

Hey family and friends!

Well this week was the BOMB!  It was really fun and full of adventures.  Tuesday lets just say we had a experience that i thought it would never happen to me.. Starts with E and ends with a M,  Thats all i will say, if you want to know more write me and ill tell you.

Wednesday was the COLDEST day in Mexico history im sure.  It was 4 degrees...celsisis like 40 degrees farehiet!  I was rocking a long sleve white shirt and when it started getting dark we had to go home to put on a sweatshirt!  It was honestly that cold that i need a long sleve shirt and a sweatshirt!  Crazy. The next day was hot like always. haha

Last week i dont know if i told you about the drunk guys that we talked to last sunday. We were walking to a members house and on the way some drunk guy was like HEY!! you come here!  i ignored him like 3 times then i was like what the heck.. lets go talk to them.  SO we talk to them all and stuff and the one that was talking to us was drunk but not so much but his friend Alfonso was drunk out of his mind.  His eyes barley open and about fell down 3 times while we were talking.

So we set up a cita with the mas sober guy and we go on wednesday night. Turns out the direccion he gave us was the house of his friend Alfonso, so alfonso comes out and lets us in. He wasnt drunk at all this time. We start talking and getting to know him and all. Turns out that he actually wants to know more about us and about God.  Because he doesnt believe in God or Christ.  After his grandma died he stopped believing. And her death really affected him.

So we taught him the restoration of the gospel.  And OH MY GOSH, that was the most spiritual lesson i have had in my mission ever!!  My comp and i felt the spirit guiding us and telling us what to say. We bore our testimonies a ton.  We knew that Alfonso was feeling the spirit as well.  At the end of the lesson i felt impressed to bare my testimony about how much God loves us and how Christ lives.  So i did and I havent felt the spirit that strongly in awhile and Alfonso about cried and then my comp bore his testimony too and Alfonso started crying.  It was an amazing lesson.

So we go back on friday night and teach him the Plan of Salvation.  First off we could see a change in him. He did his hair, put on nice clothes and all and a lot better than the first time we taught him. We asked him how it went with reading and praying. He read the chapter we left with him..twice! And another chapter, then he started reading the book of mormon from the title page!! No one does that. It was awesome. And he prayed and all.

SO we teach half of the plan of salvation and near the end i get the impression to talk about baptism. I had no idea how to bring it up all of the sudden. But i tried my best and it worked perfectly. We read in 2 nephi 31 all about baptism.  My comp had no idea what i was doing so i had to teach the whole part with the scriptures.  It was amazing, it was deffinately the spirit guiding me knowing what to say.

The whole time we were talking about each scripture we read i had a thought. "you need to invite him to be baptized" I had a mini battle within myself haha i was a little scared to say it and didnt know how to bring it up and all. So i decide okay ill do it.  So i find a way to do it and i invite him to be baptized "Seguira el ejemplo de jesucristo y sera bautizado por alguien que tiene el sacerdocio de dios?"  He said "Si, yo quier" Yeah i want to. Then i told him we had a date prepared for him on the 28th of deceber, then he is like "Wait, let me check if im free that day" He pulls out his phone and checks then says " Yeah im free that day!" So it looks like we will have a baptism after christmas!!!

One more thing about Alfonso, he came to church yesterday! He got there before we did!! And guess what? He cut his hair, shaved his beard, and took out his lip ring he had. He is honestly changing so much so fast. Its so amazing! Its awesome. Another thing my comp told me after the first lesson with him he said "I have never heard you speak so perfect and clear spanish before" What a testimony right there that the lord really puts the words in your mouth and if he needs you to do something...He will help you do it!

That was the cool experiences this week.  We also taught a lesson this morning, yeah on our p day. We have a new investigator that has a lot of potential!  Do you want to know his name?  Here it is... Tlakayoltonatij ...And no i did not just type random letters even though it looks like that  haha  thats really his name.  Its kinda hard to pronounce it haha

Lets see..about one more month and i get to talk to you all over skype!!!!! OH YEAH im excited to see your faces!! I love you all so much!

Elder McNamara


yep that peper is a Habanero peper. I almost died but it was so worth the half peso price

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