Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 14: Pray? Me Pray in Mexico?

Hola familia y amigos!

Como estado? this week was good! a lot happened but i want to tell you about this one family that we found on last saturday and that we got to know them on tuesday and taught them on saturday the first lesson.

So we were looking through the area book to find some people that the last missionaries have taught and we found this one lady named Nora. The last time the missionaries were over there was back in september. SO we deciced to go and stop by. On tuesday we figured out that she was married and had 3 kids. a little girl that is like 6 then a 13 year son. and another son that is 19 and guess what?....He's on a Mission for the Church! He was baptized last year or something like that and deciced to go on mission and he got his call the same time I did and left the same time I did! crazy huh? But he is the only member in their family and the family doesnt really know that much about the church.

on tuesday when we were talking.( my companion was i didnt really talk because you know..spanish) but we set up a cita for saturday. So saturday came and my comp. and I have been practicing the first lesson like crazy every morning. so that we could teach everything to the best of our ability and hit all the points we wanted to.

SO we go to thier house and while we are walking towards the front door we see the dad and nephew working on something in the back yard and the dad was drinking a beer! ha oh gosh...but anyways we get in there and talk for a little bit then we ask if we can start with a prayer and appartenly they asked me to but i was really nervous and thinking about what i was going to say after the prayer because i was going to start the lesson so i wasnt really paying attention.

SO we all sat in awkward silence for like 2 minutes! haha i didnt know what was going on then my companion finally told me that they wanted me to say the prayer! haha so i said it then i started...pues dios es nuestro amoroso padre celestial....and i say all the points really fast and talk about the atonement and stuff and i didnt notice that i was flying through the first point.

Then my companion starts talking and goes over what i said and clarifies each one! I felt retarded and kinda mad at my companion cause he corrected me but later I noticed that he was just making it clear for the family. And during the whole time the dad just didnt seemed interested at all. he wasnt drunk just was kinda bored.

we both keep teaching and then its my turn and i was teaching about joseph smith. But i said everything clear and at the right speed and they understood me and i had them read james 1:5 and then i started the first columna de luz.... and i started feeling the spirit so strongly and i almost cried! ha it was awesome.

And after i said it, it was quiet and i look at the dad and he seemed like he was feeling the spirit. During the whole time when i was saying the first vision he seemed all of the sudden focused and interested and after i noticed he was trying not to cry. He was kinda sniffling his nose and trying to wipe his eyes without us noticing!

Then we continued about the book of mormon....I wanted to tell you guys this because i learned that there is so much power in the first vision and the spirit can pierce any heart! And we asked them if when they know that this is true for themselves if they will be bapitzed They said yes but they have already been bapitized. so we have to teach them all about that later. But it was a really good lesson!

I dont know where i heard this but some apostol said that when you are doing what you should be doing and teaching other families by the spirit on your mission that the lord will take care of your family. That is so true! I was thinking about thier son on a mission and how the lord was taking care of his family through us! Well thats what i wanted to share!

oh and and saturday too during our lunch with a member they have this little daughter who is like 5 and I had her teach me spanish! haha she had this little kids toy that teaches little kids the alphabet like A says aaaa. so she was teaching my the spansh alphabet. I acutually learned a lot! Then yesterday at church the same little girl was looking at me during testimony meeting and she started winking and me! haha shes such a cute little girl. She loves both of us. Then i got some completments by some sisters about my eyes! they said su ojos son bontio! that was funny!

Well mom seems like you had some fun at the beach with julie and her friend! Dont worry you'll find a job soon enough just have patience. i know its me im trying to learn a second language. patience is hard to have. but the lord will help you! I love you mom

Dad good luck on your speaking tour or whatever it is! haha you'll do awesome and i miss you and love you!

I miss and love all of you family! I got all your letter including tyler and dustins and justins and katies and grandmas and dads and moms! I love reading your guys letters! I really do. Sorry that i dont really responded to them that much. i just dont have enough time to write about my day and respond. But please keep writing me about everything! i love it. I love you guys!


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