Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 16: Lights Out in Mexico

Oh BABY!!!

this week has flown by. It really has for me. i dont know about you guys. I dont even know where to begin! Well on tuesday we got our lights turned off because we forgot to pay it! haha it wasnt our fault it was the mission office`s fault haha so we didnt have lights for 3 days. so who ever gave me that really nice flash light thank you so much!! then after the 3 days with no lights guess what happened next? they turned off our water!! haha I was just laughing so hard at the situation because i thought it was funny but my companion didnt think it was that funny. He would give me like death stares everytime i laughed. He needs to learn to just laugh at situation like that because there is really nothing you can do. But dont worry we have water now and im all clean!

Okay so remember our investigator that has a son out on a mission. And how we were going to drop her..well so our cita on thursday we were going to see if she has prayed or read the book of mormon and if she didnt we were going to drop her....but we get there and we start talking then start with a prayer.. then when ask her if she has prayed and she said yes. But thats not the cool thing haha..she then told us that she had a dream that night after she prayed. and this is her dream. She told us that she has never had a dream like this one before. so she said she was in a desert. and in the desert there was broken glass all over the ground and she was to scared to walk because she thought her feet were going to get all cut up. BUt then I come all dressed in white (like the bauptism clothing) and i grab her hand and say (vamanos!) and i guide her through the desert and the broken glass doesnt hurt her then we (her and I) come to a lake that is full of aligators but my companion is in the water dressed in white i guide her to my companion and hand her off to him but she was scared of the aligators that there were going to eat her but nothing happen and my companion baptized her. THen after that we go preaching the gospel, knocking doors and stuff....we asked her how she felt after she woke up and she said she felt happy and content!! but....she doesnt think that was an answer to her prayer! 

WHAT THE HECK!! how is that not a answer to her prayer. SO we just tried to explain the fruits of the spirit and all that. But she still doesnt feel like thats an answer to her prayer. Its so frusterating. BUt she came to church yesterday!! only for an hour but still thats something. SO that was a cool but frusterating experience!

then at one of our lesson my companion said something that i really liked to one of the menos activos...he said something like this because im translating it from spanish..WE must always know in our hearts that all of this (the gospel and what we have learned about it) are true. Always be converted. We may have had experiences in the past and we knew that they were true back then but do you know that the same things are true now? in this time in your life?

I really liked that and i have thought about that a lot this week. SO what im working on is to always be converted. Especially as a missionary because I have the special opportunity to share my testimony everyday, more than once, to other people. And in order for what i say to have power behind it I need to know if all of this is true! It also aplies to all of us as members. Always be converted and always try to look for opportunities to share your testimony even just a small little 10 second one.

Im just so grateful to be here! its hard and it sucks not understanding whats going on, walking all day in the HOT SUN, eating food that is gross,... but at the same time its awesome. There really is nothing better that i can do at this point in my life. I thought about this after a cita we had friday night. I thought about what I would be doing if i was home. Probably going to the movies. at UVU, hanging out with friends, most likely with Katie:) those thing arent bad but instead i was teaching a family and bearing my testimony! Just my spiritual thought this week haha

SO on friday we had divisions and I got to stay in our area so another elder came here. IT was an american!!!! Im so lucky to already have been with 3 americans. I got to kind of be "in charge" not really but i had to know where everything was and what we were going to do. I was with an elder from Vegas. he`s 25 haha but is was so cool. We talked about everything and in english which is the coolest language there is haha nah just kidding. 

BUt with our citas I had to kinda take the lead and my spanish came out and i understood pretty well! Thanks to the gift of tongues! SO my spanish is really inproving a lot. dont get me wrong its still hard and i have those days that i can understand a thing but its getting there! welp i dont really have anything else to say...actually i have a lot but i would write forever! haha 

Im now obsessed with the rubics cube! haha my comp. taught me 2 days ago and now i can do it and finish it all! I bought one today haha 

Love you all thanks for the pictures dad! I love them!  Thank you all for you letters! I laughed and smiled real big at every letter! I love you family and friends!


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