Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 17: It's Heating Up for David

Que Tal?

Well this week was alright. Went by pretty slow like it has sounded like for you guys too. Nothing really big happened this week. it was really bad not much lessons and stuff but we are still working hard! I dont know really what to say because nothing really happened! just a lot of walking and trying to find old investigators and menos activos. 

We found this one family that lives really close to us that are members but they havent gone to church in 15 years! No one knew them haha they keep telling us that they cant talk with us one day then we make another cita then they say that day they cant. Its pretty gay haha 

Oh and we have been meeting with this one guy that lives in one of the poorest parts of our area!  SO, we are walking back towards our house and this guy stop us and says "Elders! Whats up" so we stop and talk to him. turns out he has been a member for a year but hasnt gone to church in 4 months. then he invites us in his house. 

He is a really cool guy it turns out but he talks a ton!!! Sometimes he is the only one that talks during a lession haha im being serious. 

Then on tuesday we went to tampico because all the new missionaries and trainers had a meeting thing. It was cool. We just practiced lessions and also our president talked to all the new missionaries. We watched this video about setting goals. it was a video about a basketball player that played for a high school in utah, Lone Peak, which is really close to alta. And how he wasnt very good at basketball but he and his dad worked really hard because he wanted to play ball in college. So he made small goals that helped reach the bigger goal. And then he played for BYU for one year and now he is on his mission! the video is on LDS. org i think so go check it out. there was a part in there where it shows his family driving and dropping him off at the MTC....yep I cried! It brought back all those members of that day. and how much I miss every single one of you!!! That day was not a good day haha anyways..

It has started to get REALLY HOT here!  The past couple weeks have been pretty nice and not really hot but on saturday guess how hot it was?...115 degress! I about died on saturday haha my comp told me that its going to be even hotter in the summer and without wind! Oh gosh i might die! 

And today we went to tampico for our P day thats why im writing later than usual! SO here are some pics from today. One (at top of this post) is on the bridge that crosses a lagune well the area of water thats connected to the ocean but is in land..i cant remeber what thats called haha but yeah it was cool. 

Then the other one is me on a broken tour boat! haha i wanted to be in titanic! i dont know what im doing haha just being my wierd self all i need is Katie with me there and it would be the titanic!

Then the other one is in the central of tampico where there is a catholic church. Im standing underneath this dome thing. its was cool.

well sorry for the short letter! I hope you guys have a good week head of you! 
I love you all so much!


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