Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 15: "Iron You Out" in Mexico

¿Que paso?

Well this week was really long and difficult.  Last monday i went with my zone leader on a division for 24 hours. SO on teusday we had a lot of things planned and i was all ready for it and we practiced in the morning the lessons and stuff. We head out and our first 3 citas fall through. They weren´t there or they said they couldnt do it today. 

Then we went and ate at a members house. the food was so good!! The family was all fat so maybe thats why the food was so good haha  im excited when we go to a members house that is fat to go eat! kinda mean  but its true haha 

then we went to our other citas.....NO ONE!!! so we honestly walked ALL DAY LONG! I was so dead at the end of the day. BUt it was a fun day because my zone leader is american, he´s from california, so we talked in english while we walked. we talked about like everything. It was a good break from spanish! Cause spanish right now is killing me. Im starting to hate it....anyways 

Wednesday we went to Tampico! I had to go to be made legal in Mexico. so now im Official!  But i got to see all the elders that came here with me from the MTC. we all shared all of the experiences we have had. And they we all spurprised when i told them about all my experiences. Like having a women breast feed during the first vision, getting bite by a dog and some other stuff. We all just laughed it was a good time. 

Then thursday i went with another missionary for most of the day because my comp went to a meeting in tampico for the lideres of the mission. The elder i got put with was new as well but he was a Mexican. He's so cool and funny.  He´s this chubby guy. But he went into the mtc 2 days before i got here in Mexico! thats so crazy. So i had to take the lead in everything. 

We went around looking for some people they had a list. and what do you know?... NO ONE ha one house there was someone but the person we were looking for died 2 years ago and new people moved into the house. then we went to comida. 

Our lunch which is always at 2. But the elder i was with was a shy guy so he didnt really say anything so i had to talk to the members. And what do you know...i can speak spanish! Bad and not all the way correct but i managed to speak with them and understand them. it was awesome. and when we were about to leave they asked me how long i have been in mexico. I told them 4 weeks. then they were all suprised! They said wow your spanish is so good. YOu have a lot of inteligence! (which i dont know if i spelled that word right or not haah) so that made me feel really good and happy!

then on friday. My comp and I had the whole day planned out every hour and we had about 7 lessons planned. WE go out and have our comida. Then every person wasnt there or said they couldnt do it today or some lame excuse! Its so frusterating. they are all pretty much menos activos, less active members or whatever you call them in english, and pretty much what we do is planchar them. 

Which planchar in spanish means to iron. but they use it to mean to correct or tell the people to do better. I cant think of the word in english!! Its making me mad haha well hopefully you know what i mean...so thats the work here in tampico. Its focused on the less active members and not really on investigators. But we focuse on the investigators but not as much. Because the ward we are in has a list of 500 members but only about 95 go to church. 

so yeah...but the rest of the day friday we walked around to areas in our area to places that we haven´t been before! and it was pretty cool! A ton of walking which sucks. but it was cool. WE got to this one place in our area where it seemed like no one went which we found out a little later why. 

SO we come to this street where there are mansions. literally mansions. And then my comp said. we arent going that why. we are turning around. Then he told me that those are the drug lords houses and you dont want to be found near them. then he told me some stories and the reason why we aren´t aloud to teach or talk to anyone that has been with or just talked to the drug lords before. 

There wasn´t a rule about it last year but some things happen that they made that rule. Which im not going to tell you because it freaked me out and scared me. and plus earlier that day we talked to a less active and her friend was there and she was all sad and crying and didnt want to talk to anybody. but we found out that her son had died...im not going to tell you how he died but it freaked me out and i was depressed about it for a while...anyways 

We walked a ton the whole week and i think im going to try out for the American Race walk Olympic team when i get home! haha because if i can walk as much as i do in church shoes and some nice pair of slacks...imagine what i can do in short shorts and sneakers! haha some of my thoughts while i walk all day...about our investigator family..they are progressing at all. the dad doesnt really care and the mom told us she is only doing this for her son to know more about why he is doing what he is doing, she is a hard core catholic and always debates with us.its hard to teach her because she wont really listen. so i think we are going to drop them. 

Its sad. i feel bad for their son. its funny though after each of our lessons while we are walking my companion complains about the mom and says all these funny things in spanish. Like ¨ what the freaki. Su papa triste!¨which means their sad pope. WHY? haha and in spanish the word for the pope is also the same word for potato...haha i thinks that funny. 

Sunday was good. Last week we were hoping that 14 menos activos would come to church and only 2 came but yesterday we were waiting for the same 14 and now 9 came! IT awesome. My spanish is really improving..well just my understand. I can understand a whole lot better about 80 percent but i still speak pretty badly. 

I have been getting pretty annoyed with my comp. because he never really gives me a chance to speak! everytime i try to say something he always finished my thought for me or finished my sentences. its really annoying. so i figured out his least favorite hymn and i sing it all morning...you know what the hymn is¿... Love at Home.. haha its fun to see his reaction. 

Anyways that was my week for you all! Thanks for your emails. I honestly get so excited monday morinings to go read your letters. I get a little nervous too haha lame but its true. I love hearing what you all are doing. But can you guys send me some pictures with your emails! PLEASE! and i can recieve dear elders here so get sending them please!! It takes like 3 weeks but i want some letters to read over the week. 

I love you all as always! have a good week family! dont forget to read and pray (planchar)

You can send hard copy letters to David, which he has also requested, through www.dearelder.com.  Set up a free account, and send David letters.  He will love it.

And/or, as he requested, you may email him, and add pictures: at david.mcnamara@myldsmail.net

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