Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 14: David McNamara Mexico Pictures

The following are pictures sent from David today.  

Here are his comments on the photos:

well the first picture is one of the cops that are here. They are all decked out in military gear and just walk into the grocery store with their automatic weapons loaded. its crazy but cool. There are others that are decked out in all black and their face is cover in black clothing and have on black eye paint around thier eyes. Its so sweet. Ill try to get a picture of one of those this week. They dont like to have their picture taken so i have to sneak it in.

The second is me standing by two random horses...they just wandering around our area. we always see them in different places everyday. They are our friends. But i was too scared to get close to them!

The other picture of me standing in the door way.   That was in panuco

Here are other photos David sent without descriptions:

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