Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 19: "General Conference About the Greatest Thing of My Life"

hey guys!!

Well this week was pretty good! Not a lot has happened to be honest haha  A LOT of walking. But I had a really good and cool experience and Tuesday. 

So we went to this families house for the comida. Which is the picture with the princess table haha but we ate and they have a little girl thats 5 years old. she is so cute and was asking us questions and stuff then i would ask her questions. The family is really less active but love the missionaries. then we are about to leave but the mom asks us to talk with the little girl about the life after this life. Because their grandma died in November and the little girl has been really sad about that and hasn´t been able to sleep at night because she thinks that her grandma is still suffering and in pain. And she has dreams that her mom and dad are dying and she is left all alone. 

The little girl explained all of that to us and then i pulled out the little card that has a picture of Jesus on that front when he is resurected. And i tell her that he loves her so much. then my companion explains the plan of salvation simply for her. Then her mom asked us to give her a blessing. So we go inside and sit her down and my companion and i put our hands on this little girls head. and my comp. gives the blessing. When he started i felt the spirit so strong and could feel the power of the priesthood throughout my whole body!! It almost made me cry because i could feel in my whole body the love christ has for the little girl and the comfort. 

And after the blessing the little girl turned around and had the biggest smile on her face and was so happy. then she said ¨Yo senti algo fuerte!¨which means..I felt somthing strong!.. That just hit me so hard. It was so amazing. I know that the Lord loves each one of us so much and wants us to be comforted and feel loved.

Well Conference was about the greatest thing of my life!!! I dont know if its because im a missionary or what but i ate it all up. I was so interested in everything that they said and i didnt even get tired! haha It was so awesome. To me the thing the most talked about was about christ and the atonement. And how the light of christ is in everyone and how christ can heal anybody no matter how deep the pain and bad the sin. And how christ wants to forgive us all we need to do is embrace the light and dont look at the dark. 

The lord knows that we will sin and mess up but we need to always have faith and believe in Christ. Through the atonement anything is posible and have hope through christ. The talk that hit me the hardest was probably Elder Hollands talk. If none of you saw that im telling you right now go watch it! He talked about how we need to hold on to our faith, no matter how little it is. And Hold on to what we know, stand strong.

Everybody has challenges in life and life is hard but we must walk by faith. Be patience, kind, and forgive others. ALWAYS remember what you do know and when you are having a hard time with anything pray and pour your heart out to god. Express you feelings and thoughts and challenges and ask for help. IT was amazing. 

In the conference there is deffinatley was the importance of the always.. The greatest work we can do in this life is between the walls of our own homes and families. OH man i loved conference!!!! I loved when they talked about missionaries! because if you dont know...I am one! Thats me. 

Especially in priesthood they talked about missionaries and Thomas S. Monson talked about the prepreation before the mission. filling out the forms. recieving your mission call and then opening it with your family. (with the christensen and family on skype) and then the time from between opening and going to the MTC. Then droping off at the MTC. And then he said that ¨The Mission is not a personal thing, it a family experience¨ I about cried haha becuase i was remembering all those memories about opening the call and then preparing and then leaving then getting dropped off! I miss all you guys and love you so much!!

Okay some funny and strange things that i saw this week...Most of the wierd and gross things are with dogs. We always see dogs doing it about 3 times a day. We walk a corner and boom. haha and then when a dog pees then another dog comes and starts licking the pee..we see that about 5 times a day. We see a dead dog thats decaying on the side of the street about 2 times a week. The dogs here are freaking nasty. 

Another funny thing that happened was one night we went to visit with a menos activa and she has 2 little sons. so while we were talking to her outside her son that was 3 years comes running out and says I have to pee!!! in spanish and he runs out next to me and pulls down his pants and starts peeing into the street! hahah i was laughing so hard. 

The picture of the cows eating out of the dumpster. The cows here are like dogs..they wonder the street and do what the want. Even eating garbage haha

Well that was my week fam. I love you all!

Love David

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