Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 18: Good Friday? Maybe Not For One Mexican

Hey guys!!

Well this week was pretty good! All your emails were about easter! and you know what? I totally forgot that it was easter haha because i guess they dont celebrate it. Well in a way i guess they do..its kinda wierd.

So on friday was "good friday" or whatever the catholics call it so what they do on that day is they walk the streets in a huge group like 100 to 200 people and at the front of the group 3 people carry a huge cross and they walk to different places where they say a little something about christ. Then on saturday..this is little messed up..they nail a guy to the cross and walk him along the streets. Im not kidding. they actually nail him to the cross in his hands. theyre not big nails but still. I guess the church asks for volunteers and if the person has a lot of sins or huge sin if he volunteers to be nailed to the cross his sins are forgiven. Which i think is prettty messed up...

Well on tuesday and wednesday it rained all day! I got pretty wet but i had my jacket so that was good! but still i got soaked! It was fun though. so on tuesday we had a lesson with Nora, the woman with the son on the mission, well we taught her haha i cant remember what we taught. that was forever ago. But we invited her to be baptized again! and guess what! She said yes for the 4 of May. It wasnt really a for sure yes but it was still a yes. IT was awesome. We can deffinatly see a slight change in her every time we visit with her. It cool to see how the gospel changes a person, not just in the inside but it also changes how the person looks on the outside. Like theres more light, the light of chrsit.

Then on wednesday we went on divisions. I went to a different area with another american again! haha im lucky i guess. It was good. we didnt really acomplish anything. All but 1 cita fell through. and the lesson we taught to that lady went good for us but for her.....she didnt understand us! haha i noticed half way through lesson one it looked like she couldnt understand us so i asked her slowley..puede entendernos? and she said no! haha it was bad. and the elder i was with was so awkward all day and in the lessons! He was so wierd. Im grateful for my comp.

Then on friday was pretty awesome! The whole morning and afternoon wasnt very good but at night we had a cita with some new investigators that my comp and the comp of elder awkward found! So we go and start talking. and then I started the lesson! I taught the first principle about Heavenly Father and then my comp with the 2nd then me and we switvhed back and forth! It went so good.

My spanish was the best it ever has been and the understood everything i taught. and they had some good questions that we answered. AH MAN! the spirit was so strong in that lesson. And we showed and taught the book of mormon and they seemed so intense in it. They said that they will read and pray about it! I think they´ll get baptized. i cant wait!

Then also on firday i got a letter from Elder Griffiths, my comp in the MTC. And i didnt expect to get a letter from him. but then i realized why....He went home! Its pretty sad and kinda hit me in a wierd way. I dont know. But in the letter it seems like that he isnt going to come back. Thats sad.

So today is the start of another 6 weeks! One transfer down...i dont know how many more. haha Then today my first real hair cut in Mexico! hahah its actually pretty good i think. I feel like Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button ha but they use a razor blade to cut the edges of your hair line. Its pretty cool!

Well anyways i hope your guys week goes well! I love and miss you all! Thank you for your emails. I love them!!


the pics.
Top one is in the rain posing haha i dont know im wierd
Next is of our district last transfer!
3rd I found San Diego!!!!

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