Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 21: Quiero Cuatro quesadillas al Dia

hey guys!

Well this week was pretty good!  It hasnt been hot like at all. Its been cloudy and raining some days. Well probabaly hot for you guys but im used to it now! haha

(The 4 of us missionaries in our ward, that we got a ride in the back of a members truck. From the ward to our house is about 20 minutes. It was fun chilling back there on the highway!)

Not much has happened this week. A lot of walking like usual. All of you guys say that i look so skinny and a twig! if thats true then i dont know why i still have a gut like i always have had! Dont worry im eating just not as much as back home!

I´ve been making quesidillas every morning and at night! I have 4 in the morning and 4 at night! haha and i eat a ton at the comidas. I guess its just because i sweat a ton and walk a ton! Like yesterday after church at the comida we had these tostadas. which are these like chip thing on the bottom and then chicken and gaucamole, lettice, and queso. Holy crap they were so good! The hermana had 3 my comp. had 6 and i ate 11! haha so dont worry i eat.

On a bit of a spiritual note. The herama Nora we have been working on is progressing more! Friday we taught her the 10 commandments and tried to help her with her doubts and questions about everything. It was good. She didnt know that having a the virgin mary is against the 10 commandments. Then we tried to help her realize that the dream she had about us awhile ago was her answer to her prayers. She tolds us well yeah i think it was an answer to my prayers and i felt good all that day and happy and at peace but i still want something more. Oh gosh. My comp and i are trying to help her with that. But she doesnt know what she is looking for. she just wants to feel more sure that this is right. Its frusterating but she has come far from the beginning when she tolds us she doesnt want anything to do with our church. that only she wants to know why her son is on a mission. SO thats good!

Right now my comp and I are trying to make this area better. somehow we need more people to teach. Because we go around and visit the same families. THis area hasnt been good since 2006 or something like that. haha so we are praying for help!

Dad that picture that you sent me of the guys oneis hahahaha oh my gosh thats freaking hilarious! That guy doesnt look like me though ahah

Michael is looking freaking strong! and thats awesome that he can throw even harder than he has before!

this week i got 9 letters! 4 letters from kaite and a letter from wendi and brandon and then some other dear elders from before chrsitmas! haha i guess the sent them here while i was in the mtc.

Other than that im doing good! The spanish is getting better each day. Im LOVING spanish now haha its fun speaking and talking with the other elders in our zona. I have about 8 pesos left of my 1400 so im pretty much broke..until wednesday when i get 1400 more pesos.  

Oh and we are going to the beach next monday!!!! Im excited we´re going to play volleyball and throw the football and check it all out. So im excited to go to the playa!! 

I love you guys so much! Keep doing whats right!


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