Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 20: USANA: It's in Mexico Too.

Hey guys!

Well this week was good. I didn't poop my brains out, my poop is normal for now haha okay sorry about that.  Mom i never got a email from you this week. I guess your somewhere for you are brads one year. Thats okay though. Im happy for you guys. 

Well this week we taught both of our investigators.  The first one her name is Rosa and we have taught her 3 times now and this past time we finally set a date for her baptism for the 8th of june. So heres the story of how it went. We decided to teach lesson 3 which is the gospel of jesus christ. 

SO we get teaching and then i start teaching her about the gift of the holy ghost and how we recieve it after we get baptized. Then for some reason i dont know why she stopped me and started telling us about her past.  She tried to say something but couldn't because she was about to cry.  Then she started to explain to us how her husband out of no where left her and wanted a divorce. Then she said how she had no idea why and what happened. she thought that their marriage was good and happy but about a month ago after 20 years together he left her. She started crying and everyone was silent. 

As i was listening to her story i was thinking about how she was prepared to hear the gospel and how she was prepare for my comp. and I. after it was silent for a minute or so i felt like i should tell her how you guys are seperated, mom and dad. and how hard it was for me. I started crying a little bit with rosa. But i told her that heavenly father loves her and wants to help her and how prayer can help her a ton in her life. That how prayer has helped me when i was having a hard time with you guys not being together and i promised her that everything will be okay. After i said that i couldnt believe how that we were the ones that are supposed to teach this women. Im fully convienced that im supposed to be here in tampico mexico! Its so awesome. So she has a date for the 8th of june.

Then we taught our other investigator Nora. Shes the one who has a son out on the mission. She is a lot more difficult as an investigator haha shes progressing but very very very slowly. We had to change her date for baptism to the 8th of june to because she still isnt ready. But we learned some new things about her from member who always drove her son to church and was petty much a 2nd dad to him. 

He told us about how Nora's husband is a bad husband. he said a different word in spanish which means something really bad haha but he was telling us how he had different women that he was with like every weekend. And his wife, nora, knew about it. But at the time she had cancer and was dealing with all that health problems. The doctors we're telling them that she was probably going to die in a few years. And all of this was really hard on her son who is on the mission right now. 

When i heard that everything made since of why shes the way she is. The men down here, well most of the men, are complete losers. and horrible husbands. Its sad to see the wifes who do nothing because they cant do anything because thier husbands are men. that the only reason. Well anyways she is progressing so thats good.

Then dad one of the guys in our ward. well he was the 1st counciler. he has some heart problems with one of his heart chambers that wont dissolve something or something like that. thats how i understood it. But he has been taking this different kind of pills and everytime we go eat with him he shows us some new pills he got. and This past week he showed me usana! haha he told me that his sister that lives in utah sent it to him and how the products are really good! I told him how you work for usana and are a doctor. HE wants to know what he should take for his heart. His taking the fish oil from usana right now!

your questions dad. I havent been taking my usana everyday but im still taking it. My spanish has improved a ton actually! I can communicate just fine! It may not be 100 percent correct when i speak but they know what im saying. And i an understand almost everyone! Im excited when i speak spanish its awesome that im speaking another language! but still some days are hard with spanish. but its getting a whole lot better. and no i dont want you to correct my emails! haha

Our house we stay in is only my comp and I. We live on the top floor of some other peoples house. Its nice for mexico. We have water dont worry. No one drinks from the fossest. We buy the 20 liter of jugs of water. Theres always people selling them in the streets. the drive the street all day screaming what they sell. Its pretty annoying. for p days we just clean and then write our families then go buy food then have our district meeting! Pretty lame but its relaxing. my comp and i are like best friends. We always make fun of something or talked about our girlfriends or life. I can communicate everything i need to say to him. I tell him about my concerns and stuff so that good!

Welp guys til next week! I love you all. Please write me!!!!! 
And i get to call you guys in 3 sundays!! oh yeaH!! QUE CHIDO

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